New Shoes and Training Plans

So, I headed to Runner’s Depot last night to check out the vast array of shoes. He didn’t have any Nike Pegasus in my size, so he had me try on a different Nike model, the Zoom Vomero. First of all, they looked like old lady sneakers. Second of all, the arch wasn’t quite right.

Next, I tried on Asics Gel Cumulus in a wide with. The toe box still felt narrow! My dad is a 10 EEEE. Seriously. So, naturally, my feet are wide.

He searched around the store, finding that he was out of size 8 in the shoes he wanted me to try on. I started browsing, and there in the sale rack, I found Nike Pegasus 26. Same EXACT shoe I got last time. I decided to go for it. So, now, I’ve owned the Pegasus 25, and two pairs of Pegasus 26.

Nike Pegasus line-up

The gray ones are over two years old. They were kept around as my hashing shoes. Now, I can let them go and start using the blue ones for hashing and dirty work. The shiny white ones will be taken on their maiden voyage tomorrow!

The owner at Runner’s Depot did manage to find me an alternative in case the Pegasus 27 doesn’t live up to it’s predecessors… Brooks Ghost. I tried them on in a half size smaller, and aside from the slightly small fit, they were awesome. They actually felt really similar to the Nike Pegasus.  The weight seemed similar, too (according to they are both 9 oz.)

On to my second topic…

Half Ironman Training Plan

What to do?

There are some free plans available:

This one, from what I gather, is a little light overall, and relatively swim-heavy. It’s gotten plenty of people across the finish line, but it’s only 5-10 hours per week. I think I can handle more than that. On the bright side, it has variety. It’s not a “swim every Monday, bike tuesday…” kind of plan. There is variety. I like variety! And there are details. It doesn’t just tell me to swim 2000 yards – it gives sets and goals.

This one has the volume – but ONE rest day, and I think the repetitiveness might bore me.

This one looks pretty nice volume-wise, but again, it’s repetitive. Long ride every Saturday…


Beginner Triathlete has a custom plan creator. I can decide to focus more on biking, cut the swimming down a bit from their generic plan and build the run at my knee’s pace. However, this requires a Gold membership – about $100.

For around that price, I can have a professional create a custom plan for me. I could beg for variety, an easy path back into running, and some heavy biking.

But what if something happens? What if my knee doesn’t progress with me? What if my 2 weeks of intense PT puts me right back on track, and therefore I want a little more run volume?

Should I hire a coach? The cost would be larger, sure, but I think I’d love it.

I’m not sure. I have some time to decide though.

What are your experience with plans and coaches?


One response to “New Shoes and Training Plans

  1. i have a tendency to stick with a shoe for a couple years before i will opt to try a new design…so far this seems to be about in cycle with how my training goes!

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