Race weekend!

Being injured is crazy.

This week, I went to physical therapy three times. I saw the orthopedic doctor once.

I have a prescription for 800mg Ibuprofen and Voltaren gel.

I got another injection and samples of 750mg Naproxen.

I’m SO READY to just be healthy again! It’s absolutely crazy how much has been done to get me back to normal.

It’s starting to work… I ran/walked a 5k yesterday in about 40 minutes. Of course, we walked a lot AND I even got to ride in a stroller for a while!

Apparently, at the Mercedes Benz 5k, the lead runners ended up at an OPEN drawbridge! I couldn’t believe it! You can read about it on the Miami Herald website. I guess this sort of thing is pretty standard here in crazy South Florida though…

Off to slap some new tires on the Mazda, then it’s time for the drive over to St. Pete!

St. Anthony’s Tri, here I come!


One response to “Race weekend!

  1. Omg! A bridge going up during a 5k? That’s insane!

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