St. Anthony’s Tri Race Report

I did it! My knee survived! Here are the full results

bib number: 461
age: 25
gender: F
location: Ft Lauderdale, FL
division place: 61 out of 104
gender place: 466 out of 994
time: 2:53:22
pace: 0:
swim: 16:02
t1: 6:32
bike: 1:31:16
t2: 2:58
run1: 28:42
run: 56:34

So, Patrick, Duke and I headed out to St Pete on Friday night. After a brief stop in West Palm Beach to see an old friend, we headed across Florida.

Packet pick-up, bike drop off and the expo were all on Saturday. After dog-proofing the house, we went to check it out. I did a quick expo trip – mainly to see the wonderful people at Gu that gave me a free entry to the race! They gave us samples of Roctane Gu, Gu Brew, and Gu Chomps. All were pretty awesome, and I ended up using the Gu Brew during the race! I

Sunday morning came around, and we headed out before dawn. Breakfast was rice kirspy treats made with chocolate peanut butter. Warm-up involved a walk around the block with the dog, walking to transition, and then the LONG walk to the swim start! They shortened the swim because of the conditions, and moved it so we were pretty much swimming with the current the whole way… and they added like 1/2 mile run from the swim exit to transition!

Going into the race, I felt fairly under-trained. My IT band cause me to not run for 6 weeks. My bike volume was inconsistent. Rather than push through, I figured I’d keep it and a sustainable pace throughout the race to try to avoid totally bonking.

I was (thankfully) in an early swim wave. I lined up, and the competition looked fierce! I decided to step back from the front lines and hang just behind the leaders. BAD IDEA. This was by FAR the roughest, most violent swim start ever. I’ve never been in a pack of girls more determined to beat the living crap out of each other. I seriously considered getting to the outside and just chilling until the storm passed, but as soon as I did, it seemed to open up. That didn’t last. It was awful until the final turn buoy. Then, I got some space and cruised by a few people. My pace was 1:37/100m, so nothing to complain about there!

T1 was FOREVER long. We ran pretty far, barefoot, on the sidewalk, back into transition. I jogged lightly, trying to make the IT band happy. Once inside, my transition was quick! My run was pretty slow, and that really shows on the results. I chatted with a super-awesome fellow AGer in T1, and it was a nice lift of my spirits!

I ran out of T1 and quickly mounted my bike. I hit cruise control. I didn’t want to go too hard, but I wanted to be steady. The wind was nuts! I’d be doing 18-19mph with the wind, and like 14 against it. The course had tons of turns and was pretty cool. I had my new aero water bottle mounted between my bars. I liked it. I ended up finding a girl doing about my pace, so I sat like 15 yards behind her for a really long time. Before the halfway mark, I saw an athlete bleeding on the ground with a few people around him, waiting for an ambulance. Scary. I hope he’s ok! I would have stopped, but with other people there, there was really nothing I could do. I made sure the next officer directing traffic was aware of the situation. At the halfway point, there was water! I didn’t really need it, but I grabbed it anyway. I figured it was good to practice, since I wasn’t really pushing it. I topped off my aero bottle, and chucked the one they gave me – it was so efficient! A few miles later, however, the aero bottle had come loose. I only had 4 to go, so I worked with it. Luckily, 1 mile before the brick road leading into transition, I saw Patrick! I chucked my bottle at him so I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. I picked up the pace and hammered right to the dismount line. Speed: 16.3 mph. Yeah, I need some improvement here!

I jogged my bike into T2, but as soon as I got past the fence, I walked. I was nervous about the IT band and didn’t want to just start going. I changed shoes, switched from helmet to visor, and grabbed my number.

I decided to just run until pain started, then do run/walk intervals. I made it to the first mile sign in 8:40! I was feeling good and I was so HAPPY to be running! I walked all of the aid stations. It was getting hot out there, so at least 2 cups at each one – drink one, pour one over my head. A few families in houses along the course even had hoses out, and were spraying runners! I made it FIVE miles before my knee started to complain a little. I took a walk break, knowing I could make it in under three hours.  Pace: 9:07/mile.

Final thoughts?

1. My run fitness is still there! Despite almost 2 months of injury and no real running since March 19, I managed a great run!

2. I need to bike more!

3. I love racing – and this was a great race!

4. The field in Tampa/St. Pete is way more competitive than in Miami!

5. Duke is growing up! He was SO well behaved this weekend. I’m proud.


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