The great roommate search begins!

So, first, a little IT band news. I ran today in front of my physical therapist. She immediately noticed that my right knee bends inside when I stride. That’s what cause the IT band to get all pissed off! So, we know what we need to do to fix my stride, and HOPEFULLY fix my IT band issues!

I was told, though, that I’m not allowed to mountain bike. I explained that pushing down on the pedal while going uphill kind of hurt – and that whole activity has been cut! Dang.

In other news, my roommate is moving out. Sad,  I know, but he’s moving on to better things (aka moving in with the GF), so the Duke and I need a new roommate! My original plan fell through, so I’m back to internet sites to try and find one…

I managed to find the ad I posted when I found the current roommate. I updated it a little, and re-posted it yesterday. I’ve already gotten EIGHT responses.

Tips for responding to Rooms For Rent ads on Craigslist:

-give more than a name and phone number!

-when it says “Available June 1” do NOT ask me when it is available (or anything similarly obvious). I assume you are an idiot and delete the e-mail without response

-use proper grammar and spell check. If not, I assume you are an idiot and delete the e-mail without response.

-have a respectable e-mail address. I don’t want to live with “”. If you have a stupid e-mail address that reflects negatively upon your personality,  I assume you are an idiot and delete the e-mail without response.

-I said no pets. That means NO PETS. I’m sure your cat/dog is great, but my dog will probably try to eat it at some point, and I don’t want to be responsible for that.

Yes, I’m picky. And maybe a little mean… but my screening process has been successful 95% of the time! That other 5%? Well, sometimes people like the idea of a dog, but not the actual act of having one around.

Maybe I should host a reality TV show to narrow down the contestants…


2 responses to “The great roommate search begins!

  1. man ITB issues are the worst!

    seriously…internet roomie that sounds scary! but like you i’m not sure what else I’d do were I to need one at this point

  2. I’ve had some serious success with it – fingers crossed that this one goes well, too!

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