Getting back on track

I’m going to try to be better about blogging. So, I’m going to start with a little catching up…

The IT band is progressing. A little more slowly than I hoped, but I’ve managed to run for over 30 minutes pain free a few times. When I don’t stretch properly or do my exercises, it lets me know. While that keeps me in line, it also deters me from doing things. Knowing that a 30 minute run is going to take that long, plus rolling and stretching, plus icing – it turns from a quick run into an hour long process. I started loving running because of the freedom – no gear like biking, no pool necessary, and I can do it whenever and wherever I want – but that freedom is small now. I know it’ll get better, but it’s rough.

Speaking of running, I agreed to run a full Marathon in January. It’s 14 weeks after my Half Ironman, so I should be able to make the switch pretty easily, assuming the knee cooperates. I’m excited about it! A friend had the idea. I told her I’d run it with her, but I’d be training for the 4-5 hour range. 4:49 would be an 11 min/mile pace. 9:30 min/mile pace would get me 4:09. So, I think that’s where I’m going to set my pace goals. I’d secretly love to go sub 4 hours, but that’s really ambitious. Realistically, I think my friend and I can push for sub 4:30 and stick together. I love the idea of running with someone, and I’m ok not knocking out a stellar performance if she struggles and I stick with her – and I hope she feels the same if the situation is reversed! I LOVED my pace group at the Gasparilla Half Marathon, and that weekend of crazy running taught me the serious value of a running buddy. I’m thinking about using Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 plan. Thoughts?

My training has been a little inconsistent lately. I’ve been skipping workouts for other things… but all of those things are active things! I hashed in Miami on Thursday. Seeing as how I now work in the county, it’s a lot easier to decide to go. I was going to ride between work and the hash, but I ended up only getting 20 minutes due to the horrendous traffic… I hoped I’d be able to do an hour. On Friday we went camping on Key Largo, and out diving Saturday morning. Visibility wasn’t great, but the current was calm, which was wonderful. Last time I dove in harsh currents, my IT band hurt so bad I couldn’t kick with my right leg, and I was limping when I got out of the water. This time, my IT band was happy. We even saw a HUGE sea turtle 🙂 There are pictures on Facebook.

Sunday, we went mountain biking! Patrick’s old bike tried to kill him about two months ago (seriously – his rear derailer ended up in his spokes somehow), and he had been on a search ever since. Last week, he found a brand new Fuji Nevada 2.0 on eBay for about 45% cheaper than retail. It showed up this week, so of course we had to hit the trails at Oleta this weekend. It was a blast and, unlike other times we have gone, I could almost keep up… he was adjusting to the feel of the new bike and going a little slower because of it. Oh, and his Fuji is red and the color scheme looks a LOT like my Fuji Aloha tri bike. Luckily, they will never be seen together. His Fuji Nevada will probably only make appearances with my Trek 8000. I shouldn’t replace my long rides with mountain biking, but I think I can really benefit from throwing it in the mix. The short, intense climbs and the general power needed are a nice way to push myself.

As we were packing up to leave Oleta, I ran over my bike helmet with my car. Seriously. I think I’m a real idiot sometimes – Patrick claims I’m just forgetful. So, we went right to a bike shop on the way home, and I picked up a new Specialized helmet. It’s pretty sweet – and it matches my Fuji. Other things I forgot today: my keys (they are still in Patrick’s pocket, but I have a spare set so I got to work without issue) and my lunch (yes, I left 3 frozen meals out on the kitchen table this morning). At least I remembered my work badge, right?

So, I’ve been working on my goals for my Half Ironman. I’ve developed my A goal (with B, C and maybe more letters to come!)

Overall time: Sub 6:00

Swim: 0:36 (1:40/100yd pace)

Bike: 3:06 (18mph pace)

Run: 2:11 (10 min/mile pace)

Transitions: 7:00 total

The swim and run goals, as stand alone events, are totally doable. That bike needs some progress. That goal roughly translates to improving my stamina overall – and only attempting to improve my speed on the bike. I like that idea because I feel like it will be easier for me to prioritize training when life interferes 🙂


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