long day!

Wow, I’m tired.

Monday was a hashing day! The two hares lay notoriously amazing trails, and Monday was no exception. I wore my Vibrams and I felt GREAT afterwards! Patrick and I decided to drag our sweaty selves to World of Beer for a tasty beverage before heading home. We were sitting at the bar when the ex walked in. This is the ex that would start talking to me, only to decide he never wanted to speak to me again… about 4 different times. I ignored his last attempt at communication (an e-mail saying he saw me riding my bike – which he did not… it was on a day I didn’t ride in an area I’ve never ridden in). I guess the hint got through because he didn’t approach me. Win! Or maybe he just didn’t see me… I’ll pretend he has given up on attempting to be friendly with me.

Yesterday turned into a long day. I got home, and I was locked out. This was my own stupid fault because I left the house with my spare car keys which I know do not have a house key on them… Patrick came over after he got off work, so I had time to run to the bike store for some rim tape. I have decided with how bad the tape looked on my front wheel, I should re-do the back one as a preventative measure. I hung out with Patrick for a bit and probably hit the trainer around 6:45. I felt like I was trying hard, but I apparently only averaged 15.5mph. I was distracted a bit when my dog decided to start cleaning the sweat off of me about 45 minutes into the right. I usually have the trainer at the foot of my bed. I can see the TV, I can set up my “trainer desk” (aka ironing board), and I can hang out with Duke. He like to lay on the bed *right* next to me and chew bones while I ride… and occasionally lick my sweat. I’m ok with that as long as he hasn’t recently licked his butt or drank out of the toilet. Anyway, I got off the trainer and realized that my front tire was flat. Yes, this was the one that I just changed the rim tape on and put a fresh tube in! Turns out it was just a faulty vavle… though I did really struggle to change the tube again. Those Gatorskins are REALLY tough. I’m glad I rarely get flats.

I threw some laundry into the washer and headed out for a run. The whole time my knee was doing that thing where it was threatening to start hurting. I considered turning around quite a few times. I wanted to bring music, but there was lightning and I really didn’t want to drench my mp3 player. I finally did find my stride, drop that feeling of loneliness, and enjoy my run! One of my favorite parts is when I turn a corner and end up on the Riverwalk along the New River. The Fort Lauderdale skyline isn’t the most impressive one, but I love it. Also, when I turn that corner, I pass an upscale condo building and run right past the giant glass window of their gym. It never fails, no matter how perfect the weather is, there area ALWAYS people on the treadmills. Suckers. They miss all of the good stuff. I made it back home a little faster and decided not to tack on that extra minute. I’m still not confident about my knee, so I don’t want to push it. I made it home, and I wasn’t about to leave again.

I got home, refuled, and started to clean. I’ve been putting off cleaning my room because it started to look overwhelming. I know that when I start cleaning, I have to finish! I found myself crawling into bed around 1:00am after putting clothes away, dusting, sweeping, organizing, trashing, washing, donating and re-purposing everything in my path. I’m kind of a messy person, but when I clean, I CLEAN. After weekends like this past one where I do quite a few gear-intensive things without time to really take care of things afterwards, my car and room are just the dumping grounds for everything. I feel better knowing that I’ll be going home to a clean house today.

Under 6 hours sleep? Oh yeah. At least today is a scheduled rest day… but I’ll probably do my knee exercises at some point.

I’m also considering registering for the 70.3 in Miami instead of in Austin. I already registered for Austin… but the $175 I’d be out would be worth not paying for the travel – and taking the 1-2 vacation days that I really don’t have. It’s a week after Austin, so my training plan wouldn’t really change either…


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