Rematch 13.1

I want a rematch with the half marathon.

The Canyonlands Half Marathon was my first stand-alone half marathon. I had run one before, but it was in a weekend where I did a 5k and 15k on Saturday, and a Half Marathon and 8k on Sunday. I was going for survival! So, Canyonlands was for RACING. I was rocking the race. Through mile 7, I was averaging 9 minute miles. I felt great. I was ready to crush my sub 2-hour goal. Then, tragedy struck… in the form of an incredibly angry IT band. I finished around 2:18. Aside from the incredible stabbing pain, I felt AWESOME. My breathing, my heart rate, my mental state, my effort level… everything other than my knee was simply perfect.

My fall/winter race schedule (which is prime racing time in South Florida) is filling up. 70.3 Austin still sits on the calender as my “A” race. I’ve added the Tough Mudder, which is definitely a C race, but will be challenging. I’m putting together a team of people that want to stay together. So, I know it’ll be tough, but I won’t be running as hard as I can. I’ve added the ING Miami Marathon. Seriously. It’s intimidating. My goal is to finish with a respectable time with my running buddy. So, we’ll call it a B race. And, of course, there is Ragnar… which is a BLAST, but it doesn’t require my best efforts. Last year, I treated my first three legs as long training-pace runs, and I picked up the pace on the last one. I didn’t want to crash and burn. This year, it’ll be a fun marathon training weekend 🙂 So, the schedule looks like this:

Oct 23 – 70.3 Austin
(6 weeks)
Dec 4 – Tough Mudder
(5 weeks)
Jan 7-8 – Ragnar Relay
(3 weeks)
Jan 29 – ING Marathon

I have two options for half marathons that are literally within 5 miles of my house. The 13.1 series is on November 13, and the A1A Half Marathon is February 19. So, it’s 3 weeks after my Half Ironman or it’s 3 weeks after my marathon. The beauty of these options is that they are so close and they have never sold out! So, I can just kind of wing it. Oddly enough the marathon plan I’ll be switching to has a 14 mile run scheduled for November 13 – so the 13.1series race fits nearly perfectly into my training schedule… As for my other races – Tough Mudder should be a 17-miler, but I’m going to switch that with the weekend before, which is an 11 miler. Ragnar is a 20-miler weekend… which I will also trade with the 12-miler for the previous weekend. I know I can log 20 that weekend, but I’d rather have my 20-miler as a single run than a broken one, more for my mind than my body.

Anyway… those are just my super-local options. The possibilities are endless.

I will get my revenge on 13.1.


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