How to have an epic three day weekend

Friday: Bolt out the door from work exactly at 5pm. Don’t stay any longer than that! Go home and start making baked ziti. Replace 1/2 of the noodles with zucchini and peppers. Don’t skimp on the cheese 🙂 Load the mountain bikes into the car. Eat ziti with the significant other as soon as they get home from work. Hit the road. Arrive at a friend’s boat that they are letting you stay on. Make ceviche. Make mojitos. Sit on the top deck and enjoy the beautiful evening.

Saturday: Wake up around 8. Take the mountain bikes out of the car. Ride 6 or 7 miles to the trails on Virginia Key. Ride a few of the trails. Head to the beach for an open water swim. Ride back to the boat. Eat fresh ceviche, drink beer and take a nap. Wake up and head back home. Play with the dog. Eat more ziti. Ride bikes downtown to grab coffee. Sample whatever is on tap at Fat Cats.

Sunday: Run the bridges near your house for some hill work. Get strange looks from a family at a bus stop as you run by them four times in fourty minutes. Go to Jazz Brunch. Hang out there all afternoon, enjoying good friends and good food. Go home. Take a nap. Spend quality time with the significant other and the dog.

Monday: Sleep in a little (after feeding the dog at 6am of course). Watch a movie while lounging with the dog. Ride the tri bike for an hour and a half. Forget sunscreen and get a tramp stamp sunburn. Skip the crowds at the beach and read in the hammock in your backyard. Pick up burgers from ROK:BRGR. Tailgate the Phillies game with the burgers and beer. Watch the Phillies win. Watch fireworks.

There it is. My instructions for a great three day weekend!

My official training plan for Austin started yesterday! The ride was 30 min easy, 30 min hard, 30 min easy. It felt good!
I made my training schedule with the assumption of a healthy knee. On my run this morning, my IT band started to act up. I had 1:15 scheduled as my run time, and I got in 52 minutes of that. I will train smart. I will not sweat missing some mileage for the sake of my knee. I will, however, run for 23 minutes this evening if my knee decides to do it.
I also made this training schedule before I found out that the pool near my house was open 6-8am on M/W/F. My Wednesday brick will move to Thursday, and my Thursday swim will move to Wednesday.

I’m starting to fall into the morning workout routine. I used to swim from 5:30-7:30am all through high school. My alarm clock was set to 4:44am back in the day. These days, 7am is my workout deadline. I need to be home by then to fit in a quick shower and breakfast so I can be out the door before 7:20. My alarm clock will vary a bit every day to maximize sleep and fit in training. Even when I wake up late, I will workout. I will fit in as much as I can before that 7am deadline – just in case life interferes and I can’t do it in the afternoon. Better to do half a workout than none, right?

I just registered for the ING Miami Marathon Kickoff 5k. I registered Patrick, too. It’ll be his first 5k since quitting smoking and taking up running. I think he’s going to surprise himself with how fast he is.

…next project: Figuring out how to nap during the work day 🙂


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