I need some tips!!

Lessons learned:

1. A 40-hour trip to Philly to visit my family and the boyfriends family (including a week-old nephew!) is NOT conducive to fitting in a workout. I will plan better next time and arrange my schedule ahead of time to miss a shorter workout.

2. I am indeed still recovering from the massive amount of food and drink I consumed this weekend, as well as the lack of sleep. Totally worth it.

3. Spirit Airlines is definitely a budget airline. Our seats on the way out were really dirty, and our seats on the way home didn’t recline. I paid about $60 round trip for my carry on bag, but thanks to the nature of the trip, Patrick and I packed in the same bag. We were super-delayed on our way north, and the one flight attendant was obviously unhappy about it over the intercom, but still friendly in person. I always bring water on the plane, so having to pay for drinks didn’t matter. They also have some sweet combo deals with sodas/booze/food, so it makes forking over the money not as big of a deal. We grabbed Wawa hoagies for the way home 🙂 I’ll be flying them again to Atlantic City to meet up with my family while they are on vacation, and I’m not dreading it – aside from the fact that they are in the absoulte worst terminal in Fort Lauderdale airport. I *love* that airport… just not that terminal.

4. Fort Lauderdale is still beautiful:

a view from my morning run

Remaining questions:

1. How on earth to I get my @$$ moving in the morning? I hopped on the trainer today and struggled to hit 16mph. I just can’t seem to get my heart rate up and get my legs moving. Any tips? Will I adjust? Should I be having caffiene or certain foods in the morning? Maybe just some sports drink? Duke has no problem waking up and chewing his bone on the couch while I ride:

2. How do you handle riding in the rain? I’m ok handling my bike, but I was really struggling to see. I was wearing clear sunglasses (it was still dark), but the water kept beading up. When I took them off, I was squiting pretty hard to try to keep the rain from going right in my eyes. Rain-X my clear sunglasses, maybe? Wear gloves so I can wipe water off? This question is a direct result of not checking the weather and heading out for a brick in this:


2 responses to “I need some tips!!

  1. Do you have a fan blowing on your while you are riding the trainer? It will help cool you and make the trainer not feel as hard.

    Wear a cycling hat under your helmet in the rain. It will help keep some water off your glasses. Look @ Oakley’s sunglasses. They just came out with some water resistant lens or something like that.

  2. I’ll use the fan next time!

    My main struggle is just getting my body MOVING that early. Riding the trainer itself isn’t hard. Forcing my body to do more than go through the motions is what I struggle with.

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