About Your Dog

I came home last night – after being gone for just over an hour – to an envelope in my mailbox with “About Your Dog” written on it. Panic ensued. What did he do? Did he start barking incessantly when I’m away? Did he get out of the house? Is my neighbor pissed about him peeing on the fence because I asked him (my human neighbor) to please stop doing the same thing?

I got inside and was greeted by Duke in the usual manner – butt and tail wagging, toy in his mouth – and immediately opened the envelope.

“Your dog is stuck in my yard. Please call me. -M” (neighbor’s name and phone number omitted). I was relieved but very confused. I double checked, and the dog who greeted me at the door was, indeed, my dog. To my knowledge, he is the only dog I own. I called M. I explained that he did not have my dog. The dog he described was brown and white, and mine is black and white. Also, my dog is probably twice the size of the one in his yard. I’ve never met this neighbor, though our backyards back up to each other. He explained that he doesn’t mind the dog, but doesn’t know who he belongs to or how he got in. I told him that if it were my yard, I’d call animal control. He said he’d consider it in the morning. I offered to bring over some dog food… he said he had cat food he could feed it because he cares for ELEVEN cats. I explained that cat food isn’t good for dogs (I didn’t get in to the story about Duke’s only ER visit that was the direct result of consuming roughly 2 pounds of cat food). I walked over, and called my boyfriend on the way. I explained the situation, and told him that if he didn’t hear from me in 20 minutes to call the police.

M turned out to be a pretty nice dude. The dog was gone. It belonged another neighbor who apparently now has three dogs to bark incessantly. Great… He’ll be inspecting the side of the fence that they share for holes today. The part of the fence we share is in excellent shape. We chatted about the neighborhood, shook hands, and parted ways.

Odd night.


This Saturday, I’m volunteering at the South Florida Bike Expo (http://www.southfloridabikeexpo.com/). I’ll be on the floor selling tri bikes 🙂 I’ve never done sales, and I don’t know a ton about tri bikes, but I’m looking forward to it! If nothing else, I’ll be able to send buyers to a few paid salesman that actually know what they are talking about.

Aside from the fact that I angered my IT band, training is going well. I was up at 4:15 to ride from 4:45-6:45, so I could leave for work by 7:20. It is starting to catch up with me! I’m pretty sure I’ll be finding a shaded parking spot so that I can nap in my car during lunch today. My schedule has been mixed up a lot this week, but the changes are going well. I *might* attempt pool running this weekend. We’ll see how the knee does. I’ve added heat to my knee routine, so I’m icing the irritated bursa sac after workouts, and using heat along the length of my IT bad at other times during the day. In fact, I’m doing it at my desk right now…


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