Sickness and Smoothies

I found it… the basic, simple recipe from which all smoothies are born:
-6 oz (one container) of yogurt (regular, Greek, flavored, low fat… it all works)
-1 cup frozen fruit (any fruit, I’ve been using a gigantic bag of Dole mixed fruit)
-1/2 cup liquid (I’ve used water, almond milk, grapefruit juice, it all works)
I’ve been experimenting with different ratios and recipes to find one that I could use as my base mix. I’ve had this for breakfast a bunch lately.
You can add peanut butter… or even better, Peanut Butter & Co.’s Dark Chocolate Dreams. You can add whatever powder/supplements you like to use.
I just had to share… I’m pretty excited that I don’t need to have bananas or even juice on hand to make something tasty.
In other news… I’ve been sick. I started feeling it Friday, but I thought I was just tired. I woke up on Saturday feeling hungover… the problem with that was that I was the sober driver for the pub crawl! I chalked it up to dehydration and being on my feet most of the night on Friday. I went to work at the bike expo, which turned out to be a total bust, thanks to the racist business practices of some employees. I headed home and set out on my run. I had 1:30 on the schedule, and I did 1:10. My IT band is still recovering, and I’m trying to build distance safely. I felt great at the end, and I’m glad I didn’t force those 20 extra minutes on myself. It was hot and humid. Lucky for me, Patrick rode his mountain bike along with me to keep me company and carry my water!
Sunday, I woke up, still feeling a bit off. I had four beers the previous night, but they were spread out over 4 hours! I had two with dinner, one at the start of Harry Potter, and one after the movie. I was thinking that I might have to reconsider my drinking habits if I’m going to survive training. I thought I could handle that! Also, my legs were seriously tired, which was odd, even after a 6.4 mile run. Anyway, I got out of bed and met a friend for a bike ride. She told me she usually rode 14-15 mph and didn’t want to do more than 25. I found a 21.5 mile loop, and decided I’d do it 2-3x to get in my 3.5 hour ride I had scheduled. My first loop with her would be a nice warm-up and a way to flush out my legs from the bad mojo that seemed to be haunting me all weekend. After the first loop, I packed up my bike to go home. My headache was back, my legs weren’t moving, and I just wasn’t feeling it.
On the drive home, I realized that I had the windows up and the A/C off… That’s no good. It was already 87 degrees out… I knew I had a fever. I went home, didn’t even take my bike out of the car, and hit the couch. I was probably awake for about 4 more hours total that day. My fever broke (or at least greatly receded) sometime that afternoon. At least I know why I felt crappy since Friday. I’ve narrowed it down to Flu, Dengue Fever (not even kidding – it’s all over the place down here! I’m on the lookout for symptoms that require me to seek medical attention – if I don’t get those, it just runs its course, like the flu), or some mild infection.
It’s now Tuesday. I skipped yesterday and today’s workouts. I might hit the pool for an easy swim tomorrow morning – if I wake up for it. I’m still feeling a little off, but swimming is therapeutic for me if I do it right.
Thursday, we fly out for Ragnar!! I’m really excited and I hope that my body gets healthy in time. My first leg is 8.5 miles UPHILL! After that, it’s a relatively flat 3.5 and 2.9. Once I get past that first leg, I’ll be golden.


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