My New Plan

So, after being sick and recovering from races, I managed to completely mangle the first 4 weeks of my 16 week Half Ironman training plan. And I started to stress about it. A lot.
I considered lots of options – altering my homemade plan, getting a coach, having a custom plan made, following something from a book… this is my FIRST Half Ironman, and I want to be confident. For two straight days, I’m pretty sure I thought about nothing BUT this. Being sick is awful, especially twice in two weeks with the same thing. All of that time that would be spent training is spent THINKING about it and not being able to actually DO anything.
So, I made a decision. I upgraded my Beginner Triathlete membership from Bronze to Silver to get access to a beautifully written 12 week Olympic to Half Ironman bridge plan. It’s not perfect, but it’s darn near close. A few runs might turn into rides, and a few long rides might get longer. That’s about it though. It is WONDERFUL to show up at the pool and to have your full workout already written. It’s also nice that the plan was written by people with infinitely more experience than me… plus, I can add coaching support at $35/month if I start to freak out again.
Now, I get to focus my attention on more trivial things… like Tropical Storm Emily. Seriously – I have plans for a beach day AND a diving day this weekend. I’m going to go obsessively monitor NOAA’s website.


2 responses to “My New Plan

  1. So how is this plan working for you? Are you improving? Are you happy with it? I am a member at Beginner Triathlete and saw their paid section and opted to buy a book with what looked like a great training plan and came recommended by a nice couple that over heard my conversation to my husband at the book store. We are just getting into the sport but have been very active for years. The book I purchased is “Essential week-by-week training guide” by Matt Fitzgerald, it got good reviews on Amazon as well. I want to improve my running and sense we are new to the sport wanted learn a good training program.


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