Weekend Warrior

I’m definitely a weekend warrior. I LIVE for the weekends.
On Friday afternoon, I practically sprinted out of work and headed home. I spent quality time with the dog before heading out to a free Happy Hour for the Fight for Air 5k / American Lung Association. I registered for the 5k which is in early October. We enjoys beers, food, and even a free massage J. I knew we would be up before dawn to head to Key Largo, so we were home by midnight.
Saturday morning, I was up and moving by 5am. We loaded the scuba gear into the car and hit the road to Key Largo. We drove through some serious thunderstorms, and I was beginning to question whether the 200 mile round trip adventure would be worth it. When we got to Ocean Divers, we were greeted by blue skies! Yay! The dive plan called for a dive on the Spiegel Grove. I dove it last time in Key Largo, but because it’s over 500 feet long, and the depth at the sand is 130’, there were still plenty of parts that remained unseen. The boat ride out to the dive site showcased the crystal clear, glassy waters. It was shaping up to be a perfect day – so much for Tropical Storm Emily interfering with my weekend plans! When we go to the dive site, there was NO current, and visibility was so good that we could see the top of the wreck, 60 feet below the surface, very clearly. We did a free ascent, and started out towards the bow of the boat. It was a perfect, beautiful, fun dive. Ivan snapped a bunch of pictures, which I’ll post when I get them. I went below 100’ for the first time! When we got back to the surface, the dive master said that if no one objected, instead of moving to another location, we’d hang out for an hour and dive the wreck again – awesome! So, I took a quick nap on the boat, set up my gear on a fresh tank, and hit the water for round 2. We got to visit the wheel house and the HUGE cranes. I LOVE wreck diving. As cool as the reefs are, I think the engineer in me much prefers to see crazy superstructures that were once used by people, but now are home to all kinds of marine life. We wrapped up our last dive, and headed back to the dock. After a nice lunch in the keys with Ivan, it was back to the mainland!
Saturday afternoon involved a nice, long, peaceful nap. I hopped on the trainer around 6pm for a 70 minute ride. It sucked. I was tired and didn’t want to do it, but I did it anyway. I REALLY wanted to ride outside, then go for a swim, but pieces of what used to be Tropical Storm Emily decided to roll in. Thunder + lightning = no outside rides and no swimming. Afterwards, we hung out with the neighbors, then rode bikes downtown. We had tickets to see Reel Big Fish! The concert was really fun. I’m so glad I got to see them – and for $21, too J. We grabbed a post-concert beer, and I was home by midnight again.
Sunday morning, I woke up to squeeze in a 45 min ride and 30 min run before going out on a friend’s boat. My ride felt effortless, even at the times I was going over 19mph. I think my trainer needs to be oiled or re-adjusted or something. If I was doing similar efforts on the trainer, I doubt I’d reach 16mph. I guess it’s just extra resistance training for now? But those averages of 14mph are a bit disheartening. I got home from the ride, and ate some food, changed my shirt, and generally felt too lazy to run. Luckily, it was a Z1-Z2 run. I covered an easy 2.9 miles in 30 minutes. It was hellishly humid as usual.
As soon as I got back, we took off to meet some friends for an afternoon on their boat! We cruised down the Intercoastal, out Port Everglades and into the ocean. We hooked up to a mooring ball, and played in the water. We did some freediving on the reef, some floating around, and some drinking… and LOTS of eating. Patrick made homemade salsa, there were chicken wings, meatballs… too bad we didn’t find any lobster to eat! When storm clouds started getting close, we packed up and went back to their house… where we ate more food, drank some more, and just hung out.
When I finally got home, I spent time with Duke and went to bed nice and early.
… and I’m already looking forward to NEXT weekend!


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