3 mile race report / weekend report

This weekend was packed full of exciting events.
First of all – I got my birthday present from my family! My parents, 4 siblings, 2 brother-in-laws and 1 niece chipped into get me a Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS. Too cool! So, I’ve been playing with it and working out the kinks. Soon, I’ll have a consistent data overload!
Saturday morning, I had the ING Miami Marathon Training Kickoff 5k. Try to fit that title on a t-shirt! This was also my 3 mile run for Run To The Finish’s 30th birthday! Anyway, it was an event that was put on by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Road Runners Club. Their events are always pretty stellar! This one didn’t have age group awards – the first 30 male and female finishers got $5 Starbucks gift cards. Their spread after the race is always massive and delicious! I was supposed to be running this with three other people, but only one showed up. She’s the one that talked me into running the ING Miami Marathon in January! She had been out until 3am the night before and was pretty hungover. I was so excited she showed up, despite how she felt, because I expect her to be with me every step of the way during the marathon! So, I did what any friend would do – ran it at her pace. It started out as a run, but quickly turned into more of a jog with some walk breaks. It was a gorgeous two-loop run through Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. I actually had a 30 min recovery run on my schedule, so slowing down to accommodate her upset stomach and pounding head was exactly what I needed anyway. She toughed it out, and we finished somewhere around 31 minutes.
After I re-fueled from the run with fresh mangoes, PB&J and water, I headed to the beach. I wanted to get in a nice 30 minute ocean swim before the crowds arrived for the day. Conditions were near-perfect. Despite the massive recent influx of jellyfish, I didn’t see a single one on my swim! The current was moving at a steady pace. My northbound swim took about three minutes longer than my southbound swim.
I got home and crawled back into bed with the dog. I napped for a bit before hitting the road for a 2 hour ride. I didn’t feel like driving somewhere, so I hit my good old reliable airport loop – four times! Not the most exciting ride, but it was nice to not have to travel anywhere. Plus, four loops is apparently within my tolerance limit. I now have an intimate knowledge of the cracks in the road and that darn turn at the southeast corner where you climb a little hill and get smacked with the headwind simultaneously… and it’s on the most heavily-trafficked section of the road, too. I hereby name it HTFU corner. I think the coolest part of my ride was that my timing was so consistent on the loops, that the landing airplanes flew directly over me every time I passed the beginning of the runway.
When I got home from my ride, it was time to prep for Beer Mile. This is the second time I put on the event for the hashers. You drink one beer, run ¼ mile. Repeat until you’ve had 4 beer and run one mile. It’s ROUGH, but oh so much fun. We had 30 people participate, and a few more spectators. Friday night we bought food and beer. SO MUCH BEER. 11 cases. 264 cans of beer. We set up, and awaited the influx of the crowd. I ran in the first heat, because it was hot out and I was thirsty, but I didn’t want to drink before I ran. I was ridiculously slow – but it was fun… aside from suppressing the urge to vomit after beer #3… and beer #4. Lots of pictures of the event here: https://picasaweb.google.com/117731402952730470225 including an epic shot of my sunburn from my ride that day. Things went really well, and we left the park for a hasher’s house before the storms rolled in. We bought three more cases of beer on our way there.
… and that was just Saturday…
Sunday was a bit more relaxing. I woke up, made some breakfast, and relaxed for a while. Patrick and I went to hang out at the beach. There were jellyfish EVERYWHERE! The beach we were at didn’t have lifeguards or those handy purple flags, so we got to watch various groups of people discover the swarm and freak out. We avoided them in the water, but couldn’t avoid the baby Pompano and Yellow Snapper that seemed to have a taste for human flesh. Really, they can’t do much, but they were nipping at our legs! Anyway, the beach was gorgeous, the water was actually cool enough to be refreshing, and the sunshine was bright.
Next, we were off to the pool! I had a killer set of 12x100s to do, and it seemed like the perfect time. I smoked my workout, coming in under 1:25 for most of the 100s, and doing the set on the 1:40. I guess the (mostly) consistent swim training is paying off!
Since one epic hash event wasn’t enough for the weekend, it was time for another! The annual Dead Elvis Day Hash – which was a bike hash this year! I battled a few dropped chains and decided I’m hosting a clinic next time before we start riding just to teach people how to put the chain back on the bike… and maybe a few other things like how to adjust a seat, check tire pressure, and make sure your brakes aren’t rubbing. I think actual tire changing is a bit too advanced, and no one would have the spare tube anyway. The hash was great – there was just enough confusion on trail to make it interesting. Plus, I found a sweet trail that I might be able to ride my tri bike on! The trail was topped off with Memphis style BBQ, and fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Last year, they managed to plant a toilet on trail and let us all re-enact Elvis’s death. I went the classy route and posed doing an upper-decker. Too bad we didn’t have that this year, but the hash was still pretty awesome.
I got home, and the cleaning frenzy started. My roommate moved out on Sunday, so I need to have the place in tip-top shape to show potential renters his old room.
With weekends like that, no wonder I’m counting down days until vacation


2 responses to “3 mile race report / weekend report

  1. whew I know how those weekends go!!

    Which group are you training with for ING? Do you do any of the weekly group runs with the Nike group?

    • I’m training more less solo – haven’t made it to a Nike group run. I’ve been so focused on my Half Iron in October that I haven’t thought much about it yet!

      I’d love to find a group though!

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