Three Weeks to Go!!

Austin 70.3 is THREE WEEKS away!!
September’s totals:
16h 52m 12s  – 245.24 Mi
12h 57m 32s  – 73.81 Mi
6h 36m 33s  – 22979 Yd
I’m always going to wish I spent more time in the saddle, but I’m content with the numbers. I’ve managed to aggravate my IT band again, so running is happening carefully.
I had an AWESOME four hour brick yesterday. I rode 3 hours, then ran 1. My run was PERFECT. 10:09 pace – six glorious, pain-free, happy, energetic miles. I even found a soccer ball in the street a half mile from home and carried it home for Duke! If I can pull off anything like that on race day, I’ll be happy. Ok, seriously, if I cross the finish line on race day, I’ll be happy. The brick was also a day after I PRed my 5k! I ran the American Lung Association 5k – which ended up actually being 3 miles. So, I’m basing the PR on pace, not finishing time. I ran a 7:58 pace! This is the first time EVER I have broken the 8:00min/mile barrier! And on tired legs, too! I rode 2 hours on Wednesday and ran 40 minutes, swam Thursday, had a day off on Friday, but was in no way on fresh legs for this one. I’m so happy. I’m in the 7 min/mile club! There is a club, right?
So, now that I’m feeling confident, I need to stress about something, right? Well, that is going to be picking the tri top for my race! My DeSoto 400 mile shorts are PERFECT for the Half Ironman. I’ve worn them on long runs and rides with no issues. I heard good things about them, but when I tried them on I wasn’t sure if the pad would feel too thick while running. Well, it doesn’t, even though it feels a bit bulky just standing around. My tops that I own are the problem now. I have a sweet Louis Garneau hand-me-down. I LOVE how it feels, I love riding in it, but when I run,  it rides up BIG TIME. It drives me nuts! My Odwalla top (by Champ Sys) does the exact same thing. I feel like I’m constantly adjusting. My Sugoi top stays put, but it’s shorter, and I’m almost guaranteed a sunburn tramp stamp. So, today, I bought a Ironman Women’s Fitted Tankini  and a Pearl Izumi Women’s Elite Tri Support Singlet – both on the cheap from Swim Outlet. I’m hoping one turns out to be THE ONE, and one can be a spare or get returned. It worked for me with saddles, so now I’m working towards a top.
I ended up having quite the unintentional adventure on Sunday. Due to an injured boyfriend, I had to go out with him to learn part of the hash trail we are doing on Monday. We were both supposed to hare, and he had picked the second part of trail, but he might not be able to do it. So, we went out Sunday evening, and took the dog along for the adventure. We forged through some dense vegetation, and ended up in a big yard where they store piles of sand, rock and gravel. I let Duke descend the big pile by himself, and he came right back when I called him. We turned a corner around the next pile and there was a Doberman just standing there. I don’t even remember what Patrick said, but we sprinted across the yard and up and over a mountain of dirt and rocks. Somewhere along the way, I lost my shoe, but I kept running. I had Duke and I was so worried about what would happen if some guard dog approached us. In hindsight, sprinting away probably wasn’t the best move – dogs love to chase! – but all I was thinking about was getting Duke out of there. We caught our breath. Apparently, the first words out of my mouth were a very calm “Um, I lost a shoe”. Patrick peered over the dirt mound and the Doberman was nowhere in sight. We reasoned that it was probably a stray and NOT a guard dog. The dog was thin, didn’t bark, and the yard isn’t fenced in. Patrick went to retrieve my shoe, and I just hung on to Duke. Duke realized that something was up, even though he never saw the dog. Duke’s not the best behaved dog, but when he picks up on vibes – like my panic – he’s very well behaved and responsive. We found our way out of the yard, and Duke got a nice frozen marrow bone when we got home. Honestly, I was more in survival mode during this than I was when we encountered gators and bears hiking.
I’m off to hare trail now. I’m leaving Duke at home, and hopefully I won’t encounter that Doberman again…


One response to “Three Weeks to Go!!

  1. Good luck at Austin, sounds like you are more than ready!

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