Elimination Diet Progress

Elimination Diet – Day 18
So, in my continued effort to solve my GI issues, I’ve made it to Day 18.
Day 1-14 were spent not consuming common problems food. I survived! I ate a lot of potatoes, rice, quinoa, chicken, lean meat, fruits, veggies and nuts. It wasn’t as bad as I expected! The hard part was explaining to casual acquaintances why I wasn’t eating things. Intestinal troubles don’t embarrass me anymore, but talking about them tends to make people – like coworkers! – really uncomfortable.
Tangent – I really don’t understand people that can’t poop in public or are really offended by all bodily functions. I guess losing some intestines really puts things into perspective. 
It was so much easier to turn down food – and beer! – knowing that it would undo all of my work for those two weeks. I did struggle when I had a bad day. I didn’t realize how much my emotions affected what I ate. On bad days, I’ll typically indulge in something I enjoy – like a cheeseburger and a diet coke. Will I likely change this habit now that I know about it? Probably not. I don’t over-eat or eat these foods too often, so I’ll go with it.
Day 15: I re-introduced gluten. I had cereal and sandwiches! Oh, and Guinness and Smithwicks. Yay!
Day 16-17: Take gluten out. Monitoring digestive systems. I seem to be in the clear!!
Day 18: Allow gluten and re-introduce dairy. Disclaimer: re-introduced dairy about 8 hours ahead of schedule. Patrick had made scallop bisque, so I went for a bowl. I had milk and cereal this morning, and I fully intend to have a salad with CHEESE at lunch.
Day 19-20: Take dairy out. Monitor digestive system… so far? I think it might be the dairy.
And so on,  until I try everything I cut out: gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, coffee, diet soda…


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