What’s new?

I woke up this morning to let the dog out. I hopped in the shower, and when I came out, guess what I found? Duke on the couch!! I think his hip meds are working for him. He hasn’t voluntarily climbed anything bigger than a step in the last 6-8 weeks. This is AWESOME news!!

Enough about Duke, what’s new with me?


I’m a proud new member of Team H2O Audio! http://www.h2oaudio.com They are a great company that makes all things musical and waterproof. I’ve got the Interval, the Amphibix Fit armband, some headphones, and more gear on the way. The Interval ROCKS because it can be clipped onto goggle straps… or a hat or visor! Out of sight, out of mind, and still rocking the tunes. I’m mixed about running and swimming with music, but on some days, it’s that extra motivation I need to get out there, or the distraction from my thoughts that I need to just get my workout done. I’m hoping that things that come out of this partnership will be able to be passed along to you, too!

Marathon Training:

My IT Band problems are sneaking back. I hadn’t been doing my strengthening exercises since before Austin 70.3. I dropped them off in taper, and never picked them up. Now, I’m paying for it. I shortened two runs this week. I’d rather be undertrained with manageable IT Band pain, then properly trained but injured. Also, I’m struggling a bit to find the motivation… My running buddy thinks she want to go sub-4:00. I’m 99% certain that I won’t be able to run that fast. I think 4:30 is a more realistic goal. Her long runs have been 9:00-10:00/mile pace, but she’s only been running 3x a week. McMillan has me at a 4:08 based on my half marathon, and I think that’s the fast end of my possibilities. I will not run with her if she’s setting off at a 4 hour pace. I will not set myself up for failure like that. So, we’ll see what happens. McMillan also has my long run pace at 9:59-10:59, which is reasonable, which seems reasonable, though I know I’ll creep up to the 11:00 range on occasion.

Ragnar Relay is January 6-7, and I’m going to be a high-mileage runner for my team, so I know my motivation for that will carry me through to taper!

Winter Cycling:
Not riding as much as I’d like, but I’m trying to settle into a routine. I KNOW this is where I can make larger gains for next season, so I just need to find the time, motivation and interest to get myself on the trainer during the week, or the roads on the weekend. Or, better yet, both!
Holiday Bootie-Buster Challenge:
Amanda at Run To The Finish (http://www.runtothefinish.com) is hosting this challenge. The tweets tagged with #HBBC  got me off my butt on Saturday. After the long vet’s appointment, the news on Duke and my IT band hurting, I didn’t want to do ANYTHING… but I got up, did some yoga, and did my FULL knee routine from physical therapy. Then, I knocked out 5 miles (half of my long run) pain-free on Sunday. Better than nothing, right? So, THANK YOU, HBBCers!
I got to spectate this weekend!! My boyfriend did the Muddy Buddy with a friend – it was fun to watch! I Sherpa-ed gear around the race site, dropped everything off at the car, snuck in a two mile run, and was there with plenty of time to watch the bike during last-minute port-a-potty stops. I took pictures of their start wave, and headed out for three more miles. I hit the car, grabbed towels, flip-flops, camera and water and headed to the finish line. A few minutes after my arrival, Patrick’s teammate came running in – maybe two minutes later, Patrick came in on the bike. They scaled a wall and crawled through the mud pit! I almost forgot how much fun it is to watch and take pictures!!
My next race is Tough Mudder on December 4th. It’ll be long, but the point is to have FUN! I’m sure my competitive side will come out a bit, but I’ll be searching for running buddies between obstacles. This will be a camping weekend, too! My wave is at 10:30am on Saturday, so it’s a GREAT time. We can camp Friday night, pack up, get to the race, race, party, and head to the next campsite for some relaxing! Patrick will be the one deserving of the finisher’s medal, because for three hours, he’s going to be watching the dog at a crowded race.
Unfortunately, this year, I won’t be headed North to hang with the family. But, I’ll be celebrating here with a few close friends. I’m REALLY excited for Christmas, because me and the dog will be road-tripping our way to and from Pennsylvania!!


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