Planning for 2012

…not much is set is stone, but it is going to be EPIC. I’m probably going to boil this list down to about one event per month. I still have yet to pick my “A” race.
Ragnar Relay Florida Keys
ING Miami Marathon
I’m not super-excited about ING. My marathon buddy has been told not to run anymore. She’s been struggling with an iron deficiency, and needs to lay off of the intense and/or unnecessary stuff for a while. However, I AM excited about Ragnar! So, that is my motivation to get my training runs in, and I couldn’t be happier. After Ragnar, it’s taper time anyway!
Ok, remember how I said not much is set in stone? By that, I meant just January. The rest are possibilities, probabilities, volunteer opportunities and dreaming…
A1A Half Marathon – local, good race, though I’ll sit out unless someone convinces me otherwise.
Lake Okechobee Century – looks fun, but says that the pace is expected to be 20+mph. Really? Any good FL centuries for slower riders?
Miami Xterra – this race was canceled last year, but is on the calendar this year. Fingers crossed!
Rev3 Costa Rica – I wish! If someone pays for my plane ticket, I’ll be there!
Ocala HITS and Clermont are the same weekend – road trip weekend?
Nautica South Beach – A possibility, perhaps
MS150 Florida Keys Ride – Top of the list! I wanted to do it last year, but I was out of town! Not to mention, my friend has the hookup with the Bacardi team…
Rev3 Adventure Race – I’d LOVE to do this, but Patrick will only be 4 months post-shoulder-surgery, and unlikely to be able to participate with me
St Anthony’s Tri – I did this last year, and LOVED it, but my free lodging less than ½ mile from transition has moved to Texas.
Rev3 Knoxville – never really been to Knoxville! New city adventure?
Rev3 Quassy – More likely to volunteer/spectate this one. I don’t know how the hills would work while training in South Florida…
The Fitness Challenge Triathlon – reverse triathlon in Naples
Escape from Alcatraz – I’m in the lottery. We’ll see what happens.
Rev3 Portland – PLEASE!! I want to go to this one! The Pacific Northwest is GORGEOUS!
Rev3 Wisconsin – with many Midwestern road trips under my belt, I’d love to play at the much-advertised water parks!
USAT Nationals – I qualified at the Club Med race in November
Rev3 Maine – This one is VERY likely. My sister lives in Bahston (aka Boston), has a car, and would come with me.
Rev3 Cedar Point – I want to do this one!!! But I’ll be in Ireland the weekend before, and, while I’m a jetsetter, I’m not sure this will be possible
La Jolla Rough Water Swim – a personal favorite… but it’s the same date at Rev3 CP.
Rev3 Anderson – road-trip-able, fun, and conveniently, three weeks before Rev3 Florida. Hmmm…
Great Floridian – looks awesome, but we’ll see how the schedule works out
Rev3 Florida – Also VERY likely!!
I think I want to volunteer at IMAZ or IMFL to, perhaps, maybe, register for 2013…
Key West Tri – just for fun!
What am I missing? What races are you doing?
Anyone want to donate airline miles?


7 responses to “Planning for 2012

  1. Hey Elaine! I wouldn’t be able to commit to it before next February or March when I see how my year shakes out, but if you wanted I may be up for the Rev3 Adventure race too – maybe we could make a team! Def stay in touch with me about it!

  2. I would love to do Key West…would be awesome!

  3. I will be racing at IMAZ so come volunteer and I will give you a detailed race report! Woot woot Rev3!

  4. steve simmons

    I just returned from a week in Florida. Did the Key West Tri December 3 and the Key Biscayne 25/75 December 4. The Key West race was fun and I met people there from all over the world. If you go next year, register early and you can get a great rate at the Casa Marina, the host resort. I waited too long and had to stay a couple of miles away at a less exotic location for the same price.

  5. I want to do Alcatraz one day myself, it is a definte bucket list race for me. I think my big ones are going to be Memphis in May Oly, Augusta 70.3 and the St Jude Marathon again. I always tell myself I am going to scale back on the races so I can go all out, but I never do.

  6. EPIC! That is the kind of schedule I would normally pursue…not happenin’ this year, but still hopeful of IMOO…

  7. Best of luck in your season. Looks as if we are headed to some of the same races.
    I did KWTri (Olympic) rather spur the moment, and honestly had an amazing time. I am not going to lie though, I made the drive from Jacksonville solely for the chance to meet Macca, and I happened to set a PR (despite super windy conditions, so all in all I had a GREAT time. As previously stated, register early and get a room at Casa Marina or The Reach. I stayed at the Sheraton down the way, which was amazing, but the drive kind of stunk.

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