Christmas: Round 1

With Patrick’s surgery looming on the calendar – ok, it is TOMORROW – I wanted to give him a present ahead of time… which soon turned into two… then three. So, I suggested that we do Christmas a little early!
I wanted to give him his Pandora subscription, new battery for his MacBook (seriously, his doesn’t work at all. If you move the laptop and the plug comes loose, it shuts down!) and “Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills”… my impulse buy from So, he got those, a nice set of base layers and a bottle of his favorite whiskey with some whiskey stones.
I got mountain biking shoes, pedals and cleats. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, so now, no more thinking! Smart guy even went for the same brand (Diadora) as my road shoes, to ensure a perfect fit. Plus, they are white, and he said I’d be able to track my progress by how dirty they get. He also got me a really cute dress from Patagonia… and a camping shower! With all of our mud-laden adventures, this will be AWESOME. He got me the big one, too… probably so there will be water for him to use!
As for family Christmas… we tend to do things differently. I’m one of five kids, plus I now have two brother-in-laws. So, rather than try to exchange gifts with everyone, we do a Secret Santa! This year, I got my brother. This boy creates the most intricate Christmas and Birthday wish lists EVER. It takes some of the fun out of shopping, but he makes it fool-proof. I know he’ll get exactly what he wants.
As far as training…
I ran 18 miles on Saturday. It felt slow, and a lot harder than my 16 miles the previous weekend. Not because of the extra two miles, but because of the build over time. This weekend, I drop back to 16 miles, then I hit 20 New Year’s  Eve! I moved my 20 miler up a week in training ,because three weeks before the marathon is RAGNAR!! I’ll be covering 21 miles that weekend, but it’ll be broken up into chunks. When I adapted this plan, I thought I mentally needed that 20 miler. But now, I’m not so sure that it is necessary. I really don’t think 20 miles will feel much different than 18… but what do I know? This is my first marathon!
I’m debating on dropping my medium-distance run the week of Ragnar to rest up a bit for the weekend. I’ll just see how I feel and go with it.
I gotta mention something. I got some CW-X Recovery Tights, and they are AH-MAZE-ING. Seriously. I feel like I recover better when I wear them. I also picked up a pair of $30 Adidas Compression socks – something NEW from them – and they are wonderful, too. I think I’m going to try running in them while in the frosty north between Christmas and New Years.
And now? The countdown.
Tuesday – take Patrick to and from surgery. Work ½ Day.
Work Wednesday and Thursday.
Thursday night, Patrick, Duke and I will begin the 20ish hour drive to see our families up north. This holiday season, I’m thankful that even though I met Patrick while living in FL, our parents live like 25 miles apart from each other. This makes holiday travel REALLY easy – and we can combine trips home throughout the year!


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  1. My MacBook does that now too!!! I get so angry when the dog accidentally unplugs it. I haven’t been using it at all because of this. I’m hoping for a battery this year to help with that.

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