Returning to my Physical Therapist

…but not for me, for Patrick!
He was referred to the same orthopedic office that I was for my IT band. After that, he was referred to the same Physical Therapist. She is AWESOME.
I went to his appointment with him… mainly because he’s not allowed to drive while on Vicodin. He had his dressing taken off, his incisions cleaned, and he got to move his arm! He is allowed 30 degrees of movement out to the side, and 140 degrees straight up!
I chatted with the PT a little. She asked how I was doing. I told her that I did my 70.3 in October, and I’ll be doing my first marathon in just over a month. She asked about my IT band pain. I told her that as long as I’m doing my exercises, its fine. She laughed, and was like “funny how that works!”. Yup, I’ve learned a few times than when I start to slack on the strength training, the pain starts to creep back. Consistency is key. Who would have guessed?
This marathon training is a little rough. I’m already up to 98.5 miles for December, with more to come! 21 more this week (5+16), and next week is peak week: 40 miles!! (5+10+5+20) I’m peaking a week early because Ragnar Relay is exactly three weeks before ING Miami. Mentally, I think I need a 20-miler on my calendar, and pushing it back one week seemed to make more sense that pushing it forward. Ragnar week is 19 miles plus the 21 of Ragnar, then it’s down to totals of 29, 21, and 9. Wheeee! Taper!! I might reduce some mileage the week before and the week after Ragnar, depending on how I’m feeling. I’d rather show up to ING undertrained than injured.
Speaking of ING, I’ve developed my goals!!
A: 4:22 <- exactly one hour slower than my sister’s marathon PR.
B: 4:XX <- anything sub 5 hours
C: Finish
D: Don’t be stupid <- as in, if I’m risking injury and drop out, I’ll still feel like I did something useful 🙂
With that, I’m off to start my 20 hour drive home for Christmas!!


3 responses to “Returning to my Physical Therapist

  1. ING Miami is such a great race! You will love it – the crowd support is amazing and the views are breath taking! Have to love Miami 🙂 Hope you had a safe drive home!

  2. Tri Madness

    Funny that you talk about your ITB flaring up if you stop doing exercises. Same thing happens to me. If I don’t use my roller regularly or do the exercises that my PT gave me 2+ years ago, the pain starts creeping up again. Curious, huh?!

  3. Good luck with your mary! I bumped down to a 1/2 for my Jan 22 race – treadmill broke and missed some critical training, so I’m going to run the Maui marathon in September instead. Your goals are very similar to mine – perhaps I can get closer to 4 hours by September!

    Congrats on the Rev3 team! Happy New Year!

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