Rev3 Group Coaching

So, you want to do your first Olympic, or Half Iron, or Full Iron. Or, maybe not your first, maybe your second, your third, your ninth…

You know there are a lot of plans out there. You know that you could just use something off-the-shelf. You also think you could really benefit from coaching – some to tweak the plan for you, guide you through the rough workouts, adjust the plan as you go… but coaching is expensive!

Well, Rev3 has established the middle ground! An affordable option where you’ll have access to some stellar coaches, a forum where the Rev3 Team Members (like me!) and the Rev3 coached athletes can discuss any and all training concerns, recipes for the perfect margarita, lodging options, gear, past race experiences, and basically anything else. So, I present to you Rev3 Group Coaching!!

Rev3 Group Coaching:
At Rev3Tri, every athlete matters!  We’d like to build upon this concept to bring our “family feeling and support” to help get each athlete to the finish line.

What each program will include:
* Monthly training program to include race specific guidance, equipment tips and nutrition suggestions.
* Password protected forum available to each athlete in the program.  Rev3Tri Team, Rev3 Race Director and Rev3 Staff will all be available on the forum for continued support.
* Advanced information given before the general public is told to include: course updates, course maps, race director tips, coach tips, race weekend schedules
* On-course training days
* Race weekend meet ups, racing tips, motivation & strategy, meeting Team Rev3
* Webinars and online chats on specific training topics

Cost of program:
Initial $200 start-up fee which includes a Rev3Tri training kit (an $85 value!), $25 off Rev3 entry coupon, sponsor goodies, and your username & password for your schedule and forum access.  After the initial start-up fee, each additional month is $50. There is a 10% discount for paying for the full plan in advance. If you sign up later than the start date, the cost will be pro-rated to exclude the weeks you missed.

When will programs start?
Knoxville                      January 16 (16 week program for both Oly and Half)
Quassy                         January 16 (20 weeks)    February 13 (16 weeks)
Portland                      February 20 (20 weeks)   March 19  (16 weeks)
Wisconsin Dells        March 26 (20 weeks)        April 23 (16 weeks)
Maine                          April 9  (20 weeks)             May 7 (16 weeks)
Cedar Pt                      March 26  (24 weeks)      April 23 (20 weeks)
Anderson                    May 28 (20 weeks)           June 25 (16 weeks)
Florida                           June 11 (20 weeks)          July 9 (16 weeks)

I can tell you that when Rev3 claims that you’ll have access to the Team, Race Director and Staff, they aren’t exaggerating. Charlie, the owner of Rev3, is very involved and VERY accessible. The Staff – like Carole Sharpless – are just as awesome. And the team? Well, they are a talented group of athletes who are very supportive, outgoing and knowledgeable!

So, how do you get started? Send me an e-mail at I’ll hook you up with the staff and they’ll get you all set to go.


One response to “Rev3 Group Coaching

  1. This is So AWESOME that you are doing this. I really hope that I do get to see you in Cedar Point. Can I link your Blog in mine?

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