T-2 Days!!!!

Two days until my first marathon. TWO. That is not a lot of time!
I’ve got one run left to do. 2 miles the day before the race. Should be good!
I am going through my normal taper behaviors, including obsessing over every aspect of the race… and I love it!
The negatives:
-People that seriously try to convince me that I will finish under four hours, and they truly believe it. It frustrates me that those people will hear my time and think I didn’t do well. For the record, my best half marathon was 1:57:37. There is NO WAY I can do double that distance in double the time +5:00. Not realistic at all. Stop telling me. Stop arguing with me.
-I’m still undecided on what top to wear. I’m trying to work out the best way to not chafe where my upper arms rub against my armpit-ish area.
The positives:
-Experienced athletes telling me it will hurt. No sugar coating. I like it.
-People helping me build my playlist. I’ve got some fresh tunes to keep ME fresh! I WILL run with headphones. I will not use them until I need the pick-me-up.
-Everyone over at Beginner Triathlete that has put up with my silly questions, calmed me down, or just made me laugh and forget the stress.
-My sister. Her marathon experience and training tips have been super helpful.
-My boyfriend that has tolerated my training, my compression-gear-wearing, and will be at mile 22 on race day handing out beer!
-The Endurance Sisterhood. Those girls gave me some AMAZING marathon advice…
“a marathon is a 10K with a 20 mile warm up”
“Most of all Elaine take in your surroundings and enjoy the camaraderie that a marathon gives”
“know you have the will to succeed. Have fun and Run Strong :)”
“it’s just another long run”
“Think of it as 26 one mile repeats with a bit extra across the finish line. I always like to dedicate a mile to some of the special people in my life regardless of the distance”


4 responses to “T-2 Days!!!!

  1. Good luck and make sure to smile and have fun!!! GO Team Rev3!

  2. For me, my marathon didn’t really start until mile 5 or so cause I was so jacked up by the crowds of people everywhere, so take time to high five the kids along the way! You are going to do great and I am sure you will beat my first marathon time! lol

  3. You got this lady! I loved every step of my first marathon…even though I was undertrained and slow as molasses…every step was such a huge accomplishment and a total moment of “that’s right people, I am running (shuffling, in some cases walking) a MARATHON”—never in my life did I ever believe I could do it until I crossed the finish line.

    YOu’re going to love it!

  4. Followed on Twitter.. you rocked it… WOOHOO must say I was watching it while in spin class kind of made me feel like I was wussing out a bit… But you did GREAT… FYI I am never running a full…

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