Almost time to say goodbye to Florida

I had quite the week last week!!
First of all, a few more Rev3 sponsors were announced!! Powerbar, Pearl Izumi, and NormaTec! Add this to the already fantastic Swiftwick, blueseventy, and TriSwim/TriSlide/Foggle – and you’ve got everything a Triathlete needs and more!
I was feeling quite overwhelmed on Monday. So, I made a calendar. My work, workouts, classes, packing milestones and social events are all scheduled and outlined. I have checklists for work and home. I feel better about it all now. My major packing milestone was hauling all of my large stuff to the curb in time for my final bulk trash pick-up before the move. My neighbor who is amazing with watching my dog dropped by to help – and kept some things for himself. Perfect!
Friday and Saturday, I attended USA Triathlon’s Level I Coaching Clinic. It was worth attending. I expanded my knowledge in some areas, re-affirmed things I knew, and gained the confidence to participate in a practical application of said knowledge. Another cool part about the clinic? Tara from Biggest Loser season 7 was there! She was super cool and very well-grounded.
Friday night was spent in a CEU Course for  swimming analysis and dryland training. Swim analysis is one of those areas where I KNEW I had all of the tools… but I didn’t know how to fit everything together. It was great to finally feel like I could finally take my 21 years of swim experience and have that actually translate into helping a swimmer’s stroke. I feel confident now that I can take what’s in my head and translate it into things that someone else can understand.
Saturday night was a fun night out for St. Patrick’s Day, followed by my FIRST TRI OF THE SEASON on Sunday!! Race report is coming.
I cannot believe that I’m leaving Florida on Saturday.  Time is flying.


One response to “Almost time to say goodbye to Florida

  1. So as a coach, can you coach from afar? I am looking at getting a coach sometime soon!

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