Home is now in Tucson, AZ

After a crazy week of packing, saying goodbye to friends, and leaving my job, I spent three days driving most of the way across the US!

I went for one last open water swim in the ocean before my departure…

… and Duke and I hit the road! He was a fabulous traveling companion. We stopped about every 200 miles for gas, a walk, and a potty break.

We made it to the Louisiana state line before stopping the first night – just over 800 miles of our 2200 mile journey. We settled in at Motel 6 for the night (by the way, most are clean, cheap and dog-friendly). Duke woke me up early Sunday for a walk and some breakfast. I got out to my car, and it wouldn’t start!! Some friendly strangers in the hotel parking lot helped me jump start it, and after a trip to AutoZone, we were on the road again!

We arrived in San Antonio shortly after 5pm. I was staying with a friend there, so Duke had a nice fenced-in yard to burn off energy in. After a yummy Thai dinner, it was off to bed,  then up before sunrise to start the final 870 mile leg of the journey!

We made it to Tucson, and Duke got the best news of the whole trip – he now has a pool!

I’ve been enjoying my temporary “F”unemployment. I’ve gotten things unpacked and set up, explored some local bike trails, went hashing, went running… I’m tempted to swim in my pool, but it’s currently 67 degrees. Brrr!!!

I’m struggling a little to adjust to the dry air, but I’m sure I’ll be fine in a week.

So, while I was driving across the country, my triathlon team started RUNNING across america!!

So, help out by donating, or enter one of our two RAFFLES!

The $5 raffle, featuring Sports Nutrition Consultation, a Caricature drawing, or a digital picture frame.


The $20 raffle features original artwork, a fishing trip, professional logo design, and gait analysis.

You can track the team’s run progress here: http://www.spotadventures.com/user/profile?user_id=81232

One response to “Home is now in Tucson, AZ

  1. OMG. I would have freaked out if my car didn’t start! Thank goodness for nice people willing to give you a hand! Congrats on the big move! Can’t wait to read up on your new adventures! Chloe

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