What have I been up to?

1. I joined Tucson TriGirls! They are a great orginization that provide what I’ve been looking for – a tri team with an active community, group workouts that fit into my schedule, and some pretty awesome people. I attended a Super Saturday workout with them, hosted by Desert Endurance. I got to swim, bike and run with some awesome women – and men. I went to the team meeting and won a free accupuncture session! I’m pretty excited about that. I also now get to train with so many people that are faster than me – which is something I’ve needed for a while 🙂
2. I’ve been working at my new job. I like it! It’s dynamic, silly, and poses an amount of challenges that makes me happy.
3. I went to my first track practice! The main set was 6×600. It was SO COOL to look at my watch and see 6:XX for brief periods of time. I want to get FAST, and I think this is the way to do it! They have 3 a week, but I’m planning on just 1 per week for now.
4. I’ve been enjoying the benefits of sponsorship. I’m ordering a sweet pair of Pearl Izumi IsoTransitions, Try Fly shoes, and a blueseventy Reaction wetsuit.  
5. I’m tracking my amazing little sister who is running the Boston Marathon. She’s in the process of running her way to Tanzania. Check it out: http://natalierunstotanzania.blogspot.com/ 
6. Rev3 is finishing up their run across America! Need a little inspiriation? http://rev3tri.com/america/raa-blog/
 7. Still settling in here in Tucson! This weekend is the a 5k with Girls On The Run, the following weekend is Duathlon National Championships – I’m racing the sprint!

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