To the Biosphere!!

Let’s pretend that the weekend started on Thursday. Patrick and I went to see fIREHOSE at a local venue. He basically idolizes the bass player, Mike Watt. In all honesty, I wasn’t familiar with the band… at all. But, I really enjoyed the show. So did Patrick, and he got to meet Mike Watt!

Friday was fairly low-key, because I had a ride planned for Saturday morning – to the biosphere!

After that uphill ride, I met Patrick at Biosphere 2! It was a pretty cool place. We had both forgotten that it was Earth Day on Sunday… so the place was packed, and had tons of activities going on, including this, that I know Natalie will love:

We explored a bit. I hadn’t realized that this was the location of the famous Biosphere experiment! We wandered through the marsh, ocean, desert, rain forest, savannah… but the highlight for this engineer was the lung! The biosphere has two lungs that are rooms that can expand and contract, thanks to a huge aluminum weight suspended on a rubber bladder. It allows the biosphere to maintain its own environment without exploding or imploding, by managing the internal air pressure.

This left me with a strong desire to celebrate Earth Day… so I went trail running!

I covered about 6 miles over a relatively flat trail in Sabino Canyon, only 860 ft of climbing on this one. But the views are still awesome…

There are multiple water crossings – yes, WATER! In the desert!

And that makes for a happy trail runner!

Despite the mercury heading up to the triple-digit marks, its glorious here 🙂


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