Triathlon… Minus the swim

This weekend I’m competing in USAT National Duathlon Championship. In a duathlon, they take out my favorite event and replace it with another run.

I’m competing in the standard distance of 5k run – 37k bike – 5k run. I’m feeling a little undertrained. I was planning on doing the sprint distance (2.5k run – 17k bike – 2.5k run), but I changed my mind. Why? Well, if I did the sprint, I’d need to add an extra workout to my weekend. Also, the sprint starts at noon, and the standard starts at 8:30, and this is Arizona. The current forecast puts the high at 91 degrees!

This race is a qualifying race for the World Duathon Championship that takes place this fall in Nancy, France. There are 18 slots per age group. That’s huge! Considering that there are only 11 listed registrants in my age group, I think I’ll be able to snag a spot. That said, looking at the results from last year, there is also a chance I will place dead last in my age group. This race draws some serious competitors from all over the country -people that can perform on the international level. I just happen to be a local wanting to compete… in my first duathon ever

My race strategy is simple:
First 5k: don’t run too fast. Try to keep 8:XX/mile.
Bike: Hammer, hammer, hammer.
Last 5k: Sprint like crazy and hold on for dear life.

Rumor has it that the hill on the run has been known to grow while competitors are out riding.

After the race: drink beer, go to REI’s sidewalk sale, and hang out in my pool!

Sunday is the Mount Lemmon Marathon. No, I am not running. Yes, it uphill with 6000 ft of elevation gain. However, I will (hopefully – still waiting on details) be bike patrol! I’ll spend the day riding between 2 or 3 aid stations to make sure runners are happy, healthy, and hydrated.


One response to “Triathlon… Minus the swim

  1. Good luck! I know you will do great!

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