Mt Lemmon Marathon Volunteer Report

I signed up as bike patrol for the Mount Lemmon Marathon… and I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mt Lemmon, this is the elevation profile, if you go up and down. The marathon starts at mile 0 and goes straight up!!

So, the marathon has 6000 feet of climbing!

I started off the day by meeting another volunteer in a parking lot, and driving our mountain bikes to the summit! At 8000 ft, it was 46 degrees when we set out for patrol. We decided to run down from the summit and patrol the last few miles of the course.

We climbed up 250 ft in less than .2 miles, and I was hurting! My bike patrol buddy reminded me that we were at 8000 ft, so it’s normal to be tired after that. 🙂

We hung out at the last aid station around mile 24 until the front of the half marathon pack started coming through. We rode from there down to mile 18 or so, and helped a runner catch a ride to the summit.

A really nice Forest Service worker gave us coffee while we waited for the marathoners to get to us. When they did, we started riding again and offered support, encouragement, and course info – and luckily didn’t have to deal with any major issues. We rode between mile 18 and 24 a few times that day, seriously impressed by the runners. They were simply amazing.

Total, we climbed 3000+ feet on our mountain bikes that day. I can’t even being to imagine climbing double that on nothing but my two legs!


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