Trail running creatures – Arizona style

In Arizona, there is the possibility of encountering a few things on trails that I’ve never seen on a run before.

First, there was this:


I asked, because I didn’t know… apparently you should:

1. Announce your presence

2. Walk behind until the horses have room to move off the trail.

3. Walk past the horses when the trail is clear.

Next, I saw one of these guys:

That is an Antelope Jackrabbit. They are about 10lbs! They aren’t necessarily friendly, but they’re not interested in a fight.

…shortly followed by this one:

That guy is a Harris’ Antelope Squirrel. He reminded me of a chipmunk!

Just as I was starting to enjoy nature, this guy crossed my path. If I hadn’t stopped in my tracks, I’m pretty sure I would have stepped on him:


I sort of wish I was wearing my HR monitor… Pretty sure I hit my max! Luckly, that is a Coachwhip snake. They are not venomous.

It doesn’t really matter though – snakes always have the right of way with me.

Just as I got back to the car, I was driving away and I saw….

…a Gila monster!!! He was hanging out in the shade under someone’s truck in the parking lot. It was a little guy, and they don’t bite often, but their bites are potentially fatal. They just hang on and chew on you! I’m glad I was already in my car…


One response to “Trail running creatures – Arizona style

  1. cool! wish i saw stuff like that. i just see cotton tail bunnies and squirrels. maybe a whitetail deer if i’m sneaky.

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