Kratz Family 5k Race Report

That’s right. My family plans a nice, relaxing beach vacation, and we’re sure to include our own race!

My dad mapped out the course for us. We planned for a 10am start time.

First, I had to be sure that I had the course directions. It was not marked. Last year, Natalie was there to blaze the trail to first, but this year, there was a chance I’d be leading the pack.

Obviously, I didn’t plan ahead. I ran out of room on my hand and resorted to using my arm, too. I’m familiar with the area, but the directions were a necessity.

At 9:58, the family assembled on the street for the start command:

I rocked my Pearl Izumi IsoTransitions for the second time ever. They are awesome!

My main competition was my brother-in-law, Mike. He’s in the blue shirt in that picture.

We took off running, and Mike was in the lead. I kept my sights on him and just tried not to get dropped. We weaved through a few neighborhood streets before turning onto Beach Rd. We had to dodge pedestrians, cyclists and cars… this was NOT a closed course 🙂

Around mile 1.5, I caught up with Mike. We were rocking about a 7’45” average at that point, and I really didn’t think I’d be able to pull out a 5k at that pace. We chatted briefly – very briefly because I was starting to breathe HARD – and then I started to lose him.

At mile 2 , my dad was there taking pictures! He asked if I was in first. He knew Mike was my serious competition. So, at that point I was hopeful that I was so far ahead that Mike couldn’t be seen yet. I nodded, flashed a cheesy grin for my race photo, and took a peek behind me. I couldn’t see Mike, but we were both weaving from sidewalk to road and back again to avoid running anyone over.

All of my focus was on forward progress and monitoring my surroundings to avoid collisions. Before I knew it, I was making the final turn on the course for the last block!

I tried to kick it up a notch, but I couldn’t. It didn’t matter. I still felt like I was flying. I hit my watch and was greeted with this:

7’38” pace!! Woo hoo! (and, yes, I did sweat off almost all of the directions!)

The course was a little short on my watch, but was 5k on Google Maps. I’m not overly concerned with the details. It felt AWESOME.

I’m much more confident about Quassy this weekend – borrowed bike and all.

It was just the ego boost (and runner’s high) that I needed!

I also got a job offer today, and I’m ordering my bike this week. Things are most certainly looking up.


2 responses to “Kratz Family 5k Race Report

  1. That is awesome! I love the idea of a family race! and congrats ont he job offer~!

  2. Wow, that is fantastic!!! And a double wahoo for the job offer! See you this weekend!

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