Settling in on the Blue!!

My new Blue Triad SP is amazing. I got fit at TriSports last week, and it’s amazing how different it feels from my Fuji!

First, I feel like I’m very far forward and ON TOP of my front wheel. Apparently, this is what a proper tri bike fit is supposed to feel like. I was worried that “different” would translate to “uncomfortable” on longer rides, but I’m happy to say that my two hour ride this weekend ended with very little discomfort and soreness in my upper back / shoulders. Win.

Second, I feel like my seat is too high… but only for the first couple of minutes. As I warm up, it feels better. I go back to the fitter in a few weeks, so I’ll bring that up.

Third, the fit was SO worth it. I never would have put myself in that position on my own.

Despite the awesomeness of the new ride, storage has been an issue. My old saddle bag won’t mount to the aero seat post. I temporarily solved the problem, but I don’t want to use my bento box to hold my tubes and CO2 permanently – where would I store my food? Plus, I’m not the kind to remember to stuff a spare tube, levers, and CO2 in my jersey before every ride. Patrick would NOT approve of that option, because I’m sure he’d be called a few times to come rescue me. I think I’ve found the solution, though! Also, the mounts for the water bottles on the frame are too close together to use with my current water bottle cages. This actually inspired me to mount one on the frame, and torpedo mount the other between my aero bars. I’m LOVING this set-up.

Here’s to many happy miles!


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