The ever-evolving race schedule

So, I’m pretty bummed that I won’t be at Rev3 Portland next weekend. But, with the stint of unemployment last month and crashing my bike, funds were a little low.

But, I just registered for the Rev3 Maine half, and I’m planning on Rev3 Florida half as well. Woo hoo!

My schedule looks tentatively like this:

August 26: Rev3 Maine half

Sept 9: Deuces Wild Xterra

Sept 30: Superfrog half

Oct 28: Rev3 Florida half

Nov 9: Ragnar Relay Las Vegas

Jan 5: Ragnar Relay Florida Keys

What’s missing? An Olympic distance race! I really want to crush one of these before the year is over. Rev3 Maine has an Olympic distance option, but I need the mileage for training for the remainder of the season. After that race, I’m headed to Ireland for a week – so a week of nothing but running for me! Luckily, I’m traveling with my AMAZING little sister (who will run miles for you in Tanzania if you support her efforts in AIDS education and prevention!) and she’ll run with me, so I’m not out exploring solo. I also want to rent a bike for a day and get in an awesome long ride through the Irish countryside… but I’ll check out the logistics of that later.

I’ve got the option of doing the Olympic at Deuces Wild, but I’ve never done and Xterra, and that’s going to take priority.

At Rev3 Florida, a half is my only option – but it’s gonna be awesome!!

I’m already planning some spectacular goals for my return to racing following Basic and OCS.


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