Beating the Heat

Looking at the weather from this past month, I’ve realized that two days for the entire month of June did NOT hit triple digit temps.

What’s a triathlete to do?

1. Don’t complain – for real. Everyone is aware of the temperature, and most of them are training through it. You can, too!

2. Embrace early mornings and naps! I’ve finally gotten Patrick on board that waking up in the 4 am hour is perfectly acceptable behavior. Last weekend, I was up before 5 both mornings to get in a ride and a run. I had breakfast, took a nap, and was up around 10 or 11 ready to face the day – with my workout already accomplished!

3. SWIM! I had a great workout in the heat of the afternoon last week. I swam, and then ran. At the end of the swim, I did a nice, long cool down, setting myself up to start the run a little cooler and a little more wet than usual. It made the heat bearable, at least for my short 3-miler.

4. Learn to like the treadmill. I get off work at 3:30, and I prefer to work out then. Most days, it just feels too stinking hot for me to want to run outside, so I hit the treadmill. I found a gym that is on my way home from work, that is small and clean, and has a TV on every treadmill. It’s perfect. I’ve watched HGTV (which I miss! No cable in my house) and Rev3 Cedar Point coverage re-runs… it makes running on a treadmill a little better.

5. Similarly – love the bike trainer. Whether you do well watching TV, movies, reading, doing cycling DVD workouts… find what you like and embrace it. This past week, it’s been Swimming Olympic Trials for me! I even had an hour long bike trainer and Mario Kart session over the weekend.

6. HYDRATE! Before, during, and after. Hydration is a process of days, not hours. Hydrate regularly throughout the week, regardless of your workouts. Plan run routes by water sources, or carry water with you.

7. Sodium – from sports drinks, salt tabs, your food – even PowerBar Gels have a good dose of it!

8. Don’t forget the chapstick and sunscreen.

9. Try something different. Find an air conditioned gym, and try HIIT, kettlebells, yoga, TRX, spin class… whatever looks interesting and offers a cooler environment.

10. HTFU and just GO DO IT! Lower your pace/mileage expectations, carry water, but get that workout in. Know your limits. Alter your schedule if you need to accommodate an incoming heat wave.

Have fun, be safe, and get stronger.


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  1. Nice, post Elaine!

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