Nutrition, PowerBar Style

I’m ridiculously excited to be a speaker at tonight’s Tucson TriGirls meeting – because PowerBar is sponsoring the event!

I’m going to talk to my fellow club members about Triathlons & Nutrition – and give away some awesome nutrition products!

PowerBar’s website is a wealth of nutrition knowledge. They’ve got some great info that is scientifically backed and referenced – which is huge to me. Most of my presentation tonight comes right from their Training Guide. The training guide discusses healthy eating, to help ensure that you remain healthy over the long term, and sports nutrition, to help keep you hydrated, to fuel your exercise, and to promote rapid recovery after exercise.

One of the coolest things that PowerBar has to offer is the PowerCoach. It’s a personal calendar to view and log your workouts, daily email workout reminders, sports nutrition and training tips, and personalized daily nutrition plans for optimizing hydration and energy. So, you get a detailed training plan AND a detailed nutrition plan. For free. How sweet is that?

A few great pieces of info that I came across:

-Losing over 2% of your body weight due to fluid loss during exercise means you are dehydrated and your performance has already been hampered. You should weigh yourself before and after exercise to help find your optimum hydration zone, and base your water intake on your sweat rate.

-When you’re fully loaded with carbs, you have about 40 calories of glucose in the bloodstream and about 1,900 calories stored as glycogen in the muscles, plus liver glycogen. That’s good for about 60-90 minutes of solid training.

-The recovery process doesn’t start after exercise until you provide your body with the nutritional components it needs: Carbohydrates, Protein, Fluids, and key electrolytes lost in sweat

I’ve got some great giveaways, too:

-PowerBar® Fruit Smoothie Energy bar Berry Blast. It’s a great pre-workout or pre-race food, with 6g of Protein and 43g of Carbohydrates.

-PowerBar® Energy Gel Kona Punch. Each Gel has 27g of Carbohydrates and 200mg of sodium. And it’s the tastiest Gel I’ve ever tried.

-Ironman PERFORM™ sports drink mix. 43g of Carbohydrates. It contains PowerBar’s C2MAX dual source energy blend -C2MAX features a 2:1 glucose-to-fructose blend and has been found to deliver 20–50% more energy to muscles than glucose alone and to improve endurance performance by 8%.

-Ironman RESTORE™ sports drink mix. 7g protein, 50g carbohydrates. Rehydration with carbs to replenish muscle glycogen, and protein to support muscle growth and repair.

Thanks, PowerBar, for the nutrition and information!


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