Time Management

Yesterday, I attempted to arrange the rest of my triathlon training leading up to SuperFrog.

Weekends between now and SuperFrog: 10

Weekends between now and SuperFrog that I’ll be racing, out of town, or drilling with the Army National Guard: 6

Yup – more than half of my training weekends are compromised!

Weekends are the home of the long ride. The long run, which I’ll max out at two hours, is scheduled for mid-week, and much easier to juggle. The long ride is way more time-intensive, ranging from 2 to 5 hours.

What’s a triathlete to do?

1. Prioritize. Can you move training higher on the list?

2. Compromise. Can you creatively schedule workouts to mix with planned events?

3. Reschedule. Develop a plan that is reasonable and executable – and stick to it!

Step 1: Do I REALLY need to do the things that are scheduled for those weekends?

The two Army National Guard drill weekends are not optional, moveable, or changeable. I’m off to Vegas this weekend. I’ll be in Maine for Rev3 one weekend. I’ll be in Ireland/on a plane home for another. The final weekend is Deuces Wild, where I want to do the Xterra. The Xterra is NOT necessary, but I’m really excited to spectate the Olympic and Half on Saturday, and my boyfriend is racing the Xterra on Sunday. Either way, I’m committed to be there, watch, and be supportive. No sneaking off for a 5 hour ride!

Step 2: Can I work WITH my schedule for those weekends?

Sure. For Rev3 Maine, I’m going to do the half, even though I’ll be under-prepared. My plan is to really push the bike, and then just survive the run. I’ll have the week afterwards nearly off due to being in Ireland. I might be able to run a few times, but that’s it. So, with the built in recovery week, I might as well go all out, right?

Drill weekends start early, but I’m home free from 6pm on both days – sometimes earlier. I can definitely get in an hour or two, but probably no swimming. I’m active those weekends, but it isn’t tri-specific.

Xterra will serve as some of my training for the week – I’m certain that I’ll get close to two hours in the saddle, and close to an hour running that day!

Step 3: So, what CAN I do to get that long ride in?

This week, I’m commuting to work once. It’s 18 miles each way, and with a few bonus miles tacked on, it’ll work. I’ll reach my scheduled 2:30 ride, with a break in between. It’s not ideal to split my ride like that, but it’s also fairly unreasonable for me to do a 2:30 ride in the evening. I know it is possible, but, to me, it’s simply not realistic. I know I’ll get more out of a split ride on the hills than I will out of a 2+ hour trainer ride. Next week, I’ll add a few more miles to hit my 3 hour goal.

For Rev3 weekend, I’ll race. For the weekend in Ireland, I’ve tentatively scheduled a long ride for the day after the race. I don’t fly out until the evening, so I’ll try to get a ride in that day. I’m just not sure when, where, or for how long – or if I’ll even feel up for it. If I miss it, I miss it.

Xterra weekend is also the weekend of my longest scheduled ride – 5 hours! I’d like to not split this ride. It’s important to me. So, I think I’m taking Friday off of work to get it in, then hopping in the car after Patrick gets off work. I can recover/cheer/Sherpa/photograph on Saturday, and “race” on Sunday. I’ll go hard – but I might be in the running for slowest bike split!

I’ve got a plan! Now, time to get to work!


One response to “Time Management

  1. I have to use a trainer to get long rides in at times with all the activities with the family!

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