Basically random training update…

I had a glorious run the other morning.

It was somewhat unexpected. I have decided to do my morning runs from my work. There are more paved trails and off-road trails in the area. Plus, I can allocate myself 10 minutes to go from running to desk! No worries about commuting, plus I get to beat the traffic.

I got out of the house a few minutes late, because I couldn’t find my keys. I kept checking the clock in my car. I didn’t want to have to cut my run short. I contemplated just going to work early, and running in the heat later. I debated on whether or not to eat my PowerBar. I tried to justify missing my 7:20am meeting…

I parked, and figured that I had 1:10 to run. Which, surprisingly, was just 5 minutes short of my scheduled run. So, I threw on my Pearl Izumi Trail II shoes and I ran. I had the Born To Run audio book ready to go on my iPod (no – never read it before. I understand that I’m behind on my athletic-related reading). I started off on a paved path, and headed towards the entrance to a state park. Someone told me there were trails just off the road, so I went searching. Soon, I found myself in a huge wash. Luckily, with all of the rain in Tucson recently, it was hard packed. I stumbled upon – and ran on – many offshoot trails. The trails had few footprints and were overgrown, so I put my fear of running through spiderwebs aside, and ran down every one I could find. Many didn’t last long before they disappeared – but it was so awesome to know that I was less than a mile from a major road – and running on seemingly forgotten trails. Awesome. The audio book also helped inspire a little love for running!

I woke up the next day feeling awful. I think packing 2 weeks of training into the week (keeping my weekend free for other obligations) sucks the life out of me.

Today, I bike commuted for the second time at my new job. It’s 18 miles each way. Last week I tried it for the first time, and learned that the tires on my new-to-me roadie were basically trashed. They were soft and sticky, and picked up every single road hazard I encountered. I flatted twice on the way home, and after arriving home, another tube slowly deflated overnight. Lesson learned. I rode in today on brand new Gatorskins – and despite forgetting water and underwear (oops!) my ride in was fairly smooth. Let’s hope for the same for the ride home!

Any suggestions on my next audio book – Preferably, tri or running related?


One response to “Basically random training update…

  1. Robert Wilson

    I just finished Chrissie Wellington’s “Life Without Limits”

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