Whats new? Cookies, recovery and allergies.

1. XPS X-series cookies. Yes, cookies.

XPS Baking Company was started by a triathlete and a pastry chef. Perfect, right?

These cookies are intended to taste delicious, require zero preparation, be easy to travel with, and (perhaps most importantly) contain the calories, sodium and protein you need to start a race or a big workout, without feeling bloated or full.

(a) Are they delicious? Yes! Team Rev3 was lucky enough to get a sample of each of their flavors: Almond Cherry, Apple Spice, Cinnamon Raisin, and Espresso Chocolate.

(b) Do they require zero preparation? Yes! Open the individually wrapped package and enjoy!

(c) Do they travel well? Yes – but you need to plan accordingly. Because they are baked fresh without preservatives, they come with an expiration date. Luckily, when you order, they are shipped out the SAME DAY – freshly made just for you. They aren’t baked ahead of time and frozen. You order, they cook, they ship, you eat!

(d) Do they meet your nutritional needs? With about 380 calories, 10g of protein, and 330mg of sodium – I’d say so. They also do not just sit in your stomach. They’re surprisingly light – but with the added protein, you won’t feel hungry right away. Perfect pre-race fuel.

2. NormaTec MVP.

Ahhh… the sweet effects dynamic compression on my tired, hard-working legs…

These boots run the entire length of your leg, and can provide up to 100 mmHg of compression (compared to compression socks that are usually around 18-30mmHg).

The unit is surprisingly quiet, and they feel AMAZING – just ask my friend Chrissy. I brought them to their house for a beer-brewing, pizza-eating, Olympics-watching get-together.

Other important features include durability, portability and cleanability (ok – I made that word up. They’re easy to clean!)

They are pricey, but when you’re competing at a level where you need to recover quickly from your hard training sessions, they’re priceless. 30-60 minutes in these will leave your legs feeling fresh, from foot to butt!

You can try them out at any Rev3 race, or at USAT Age Group Nationals! The full list of where they are demo-ing can be found on their website.

3. A possible shellfish allergy.

I spent a weekend in Vegas celebrating this guy’s 50th:

It was AWESOME, and so fun to see some of my favorite Floridians.

The night after the above photo, we hit the buffet at Aria, which was AWESOME, and I had shrimp, crab legs, and lobster (and Indian food, and salad and dessert…) I didn’t eat anything that I hadn’t had before, but I haven’t had lobster or crab since I left Florida.

That is not sunburn. It started in red splotches on my face, and eventually took over, and went partially to my chest and shoulders.

Luckily, this appeared to be the only reaction I had – no breathing issues, no swelling. It also faded as the night went on, as you can see in this photo, where my incredibly photogenic boyfriend is, well, being himself 🙂

Should be interesting for the Lobster Bake at Rev3 Old Orchard Beach in Maine, right?


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