Sweat Your Thorns Off – Virtual 5k

The Boring Runner‘s Third Annual Sweat Your Thorns Off 5k is obviously my A race this season.

I spent the night before the 5k drinking four beers and eating pub food with a few friends. Four beers is ideal hydration for the night before your big race.

I woke up around 4am to get my bike ready and head out for a ride. A proper 5k warm-up certainly involves a bike ride that is 50 miles long, and includes climbing halfway up Mount Lemmon. I climbed most of the way with Leah, because she is awesome. Chrissy was there, too, but she dropped me like a bad habit within the first 1/4 mile.

I turned around 11 or 12 miles into the climb. We were supposed to go to mile 14, but because I decided to not only ride up Mt Lemmon, but also to ride to the mountain from my house, I was getting dangerously low on water. So, I wimped out and wandered into the nearest store for a refill. Thanks, Sweet Tooshie’s Bakery, for being open early and having cold bottled water for sale – and for letting my drag my bike inside while I purchased the bottles and refilled mine.

I came home and considered running the 5k right away, but the pool beckoned. So I swam with the dog for a bit.

After swimming, I threw on my NormaTec Recovery Boots and relaxed for a bit. These boots will help me recover so I can run like Meb.

(Let’s conveniently ignore the fact that my all-out mile time is about two full minutes slower than Meb’s average mile in a marathon)

The Race:

I had a perfect little 3.1 mile route mapped in the neighborhood. When the mercury peaked at 104, I got ready to head out.

I made sure my route contained plenty of thorns:

It was really freaking hot. I started out with about a 9:00 mile, which I didn’t expect to hold at all. I was definitely sweating my thorns off – but that was the point, right?

The highlight of mile 2 was certainly seeing a kid at a bus stop with his mom – on a leash. The kid was playing on the ground and I thought it was a dog until I was like 10 feet away.

I got a good amount of strange looks, probably for being the only idiot out running at that time of day. I actually started wishing that I had brought water with me, even though it was only a 5k.

Mile 3 had me pushing hard, just begging to magically appear at my house. It was ugly – but I kept telling myself that every time I push myself, I get stronger. And then I got lost. A block from my house. Ok, maybe “lost” is an over-exaggeration, but I certainly missed my final turn. So, I finished out that block, then walked in shame back to the turn, went the right way, and headed home.

Finishing time: 27:30. Not too shabby for a triple digit temp run after 4 hours on my bike earlier that day.

Duke was not impressed. Or even remotely interested.

So, we jumped in the pool again – and I had a beer 🙂

In conclusion: fun virtual race on tired legs!


One response to “Sweat Your Thorns Off – Virtual 5k

  1. Nice work getting the training in during the heat. It’s not easy but it’s what we have to do here in AZ!

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