Recovery week!

Thank you, body, for making it to this point without breaking.

I took three naps on Sunday. THREE. Woke up, had breakfast, napped, ran, napped, did laundry and cleaned, napped… seriously. They were only like 30 minute naps, but they just kept coming. And Duke was kind enough to join me for them!

Honestly – aside from feeling super-tired – I’m doing great. I’m not sore, my IT band is mostly behaving, and I haven’t had any notable pain.

Mentally, I’m in it. I struggled at the end of my ride on Saturday, but I rebounded with solid efforts on my runs on Saturday and Sunday. I even had a nice little 2.5 miler with Patrick on Monday night in perfect Tucson summer weather (light drizzle, overcast, and breezy!) and a great swim this morning!

The rest of my week is SO easy. I’ve got one long run to tough out, but everything else looks like cake. Then I build for a week, then I head to Maine via Boston for the Rev3 race. It’s still a build week, but with a half distance race (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run), most of the volume is stacked at the end of that week. I should toe the line a little more fatigued than the ideal level, but ready to rock it.

Then I go to IRELAND for a week!! I’ve got no plans to workout aside from runs with my sister if I’m feeling recovered from the Rev3 race in Old Orchard Beach.

I am INCREDIBLY excited for this trip! First of all, I fly into Boston to see Natalie.

Next, we head up to Maine for Rev3 Old Orchard Beach!

THEN, I fly to Ireland where I meet up with this guy:

And, after two more days, we’ll all be there, probably looking something like this:

(I haven’t seen my parents since Rev3 Quassy!)


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