Bike (mis)Adventures!

Rev3 Maine is now six days away!!

I had decided a while ago to ship my bike to my sister’s place in Boston for this race. A quick check on told me that it’d cost around $65 + insurance. Because I’m flying Detla, who charges $150 EACH WAY for a bike, this seemed like a much more reasonable way to go. My friend that works at FedEx said it’d probably cost close to $80, and if I dropped it off on Saturday, it would arrive by Friday via FedEx ground. Great!

Friday night, I disassembled my Blue and packed her neatly into my bike case. It fit a little differently than the Fuji – but it fit fine, all the same. Saturday morning, I had to go to work, so Patrick agreed to drop it off at FedEx. I gave him all of the info he needed. He texted me and said: “Tell your sister it’ll be there on Saturday”. Woah. What? 5 day ground, business days, means it should be there Friday. He said it’d be over $400 to get it there by Wednesday. I then asked him how much the 5-day shipping was. His answer? $180. One way. WTF? I told him I’m sorry I wasted his time, but to please take my bike back home.

I re-checked Delta’s website, just to be sure that their astronomical $300 round trip cost had not changed. It hadn’t.

I checked Rev3’s website regarding bike rentals. I could rent a QuintanaRoo Dulce or Lucero for $300. So, basically, for the same price as disassembling, packing, struggling through the airport, unpacking, assembling… and then repeating the process on the way home, I could have a sexy bike set to my fit measurements just waiting for me at the race site. Sold. In fact, for $450, I could ride a Cd0.1 with Di2 electronic shifting… for $400 I could get one with SRAM Red, and for $350, Ultegra. Tempting. Another perk of being on Team Rev3 is a discount on this service too. Sold! For my next race, I think I’ll just plan on doing this again.

So, after work Saturday, Patrick and I spent time in the pool with Duke, did some yard work, and headed out to a German Beer Tasting at Hotel Congress. After this, we grabbed some dinner because Patrick had been craving wings – and had a few more beers. I was home by 9:30pm, but I knew I had to be up around 5am to meet Chrissy to ride. Oh, and my bike was still disassembled and packed in the bike box. Crap. I could have just ridden my road bike, but with a 4 hour ride on the schedule, I thought it was best to do it on the tri bike. So, I put my Blue back together, drank a bunch of water and went to bed.

5am came early, and after a lot of convincing myself to just get out the door, I was off to Chrissy’s. I unloaded my bike, and started to get ready. I could not get my saddle bag back on! After a few minutes of struggling, I quit. I threw a tube and CO2 in my jersey pocket and we took off.

A few minutes into the ride, I realize why I couldn’t fit my saddle bag on. My saddle was WAY too far forward! Duh! I stopped, adjusted it, and we were off again. Then, I realized that my derailleur was wonky – I could really only use the three middle gears on my cassette. I wasn’t sure I could do much about it even if I did stop, so I just decided to just keep riding. I already made us start late and stop to adjust my saddle. Well, about an hour into the ride, my phone rings. I checked it, and it was Chrissy’s husband. I called him back, and they were just wondering if my boyfriend was going to join them mountain biking. Because he was late and not answering hips phone – I made the official call that he was still asleep and they should go on without him. While we were stopped, I decided to check out my derailleur. It didn’t look right. I wasn’t sure how to fix it, so I took it off, and put it back on again. That seemed to do the trick! I also noticed that the rear brake had been rubbing the entire time. No wonder that first hour was so miserable!!

Note to self: Do not reassemble bike after a beer tasting event.

The next two hours went much better! I hit some new territory and tried my best to stay hydrated. We stopped at a gas station to refill water, snack on PowerBar goodness, and prepare for the final hour home. It got rough out there! It was hot. My legs were tired. They did NOT want to climb all of the hills. The crappy sections of road felt extra-crappy. I was ready to be home! I thought Chrissy was still doing great, until she downed a gel when we were literally two miles from her house. She was about ready to just fall over. Turning onto her street was the happiest moment of my morning!

We covered 67 miles and well over 2000ft of climbing. I’m incredibly happy that Rev3 next weekend will be 11 miles shorter AND have less than half of the elevation gain.

We stuffed our faces with a ton of fruit and breakfast burritos, then we jumped in the pool. I drove home, put on my NormaTec recovery boots and promptly fell asleep.

The rest of the day involved Turkey and Avacado BLTs, and drinking beer on the back patio while the storm rolled in. Needless to say, it was great.

I was in bed by 9, and up at 5 for swim practice! I’m ready to take it easy the rest of the week and hopefully start Rev3 Maine feeling rested.


One response to “Bike (mis)Adventures!

  1. UGH that stinks! I totally know what you mean about the whole process of travelling with a bike. I happen to have a soft bike bag (which brings its own set of worries) but means I often scoot by without any bike fees. I’d love to hear how your rental experience goes!

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