To Old Orchard Beach!!

Oh man, where to start?

The last 1.5 weeks have been crazy and awesome.

Tucson to Boston to Maine to Boston to Amsterdam to Dublin to Galway to Dublin to Boston to Tucson! Whew!

I left Tucson on Friday morning and headed up to Boston to see my sister, Natalie. She’d been back for a few weeks from her summer spent in Tanzania helping to fight HIV and AIDS. We grabbed some awesome BBQ from a slightly sketchy looking place that had amazing beers. Knowing how much this trip would cost me, I asked Natalie to take me to the place with the cheapest beers in town! So we headed to Sligo and drank a few too many cheap beers. There was tons of celebrating and catching up to do!

Saturday morning, we were out of the house by 6, with the goal of getting to Old Orchard Beach in time for the Rev3 pre-race swim. We arrived in plenty of time, and Natalie went off for a run. I found teammates Tim and Ryan at the beach, and we hit the water. I LOVE the ocean. I miss it. I was happy as a clam – well – maybe a crab. Tim caught one on the swim!

I hung around and met Jen and Kiersten – and caught the Worst Wetsuit Competition. If you’re at any Rev3 race this year, dig out your oldest, ugliest, most beat-up wetsuit and bring it out for this. You could win a brand new Blueseventy wetsuit! And they make some great wetsuits. I was rocking my Fusion in OOB and it is very comfortable.

I found Natalie, and we went to get my rental Quintana Roo. It was so awesome to not have to worry about packing up a bike, lugging it through the airport, assembling, etc… I sent my fit measurements, and the bike was built and waiting for me! So, I hit the road with a bunch of teammates for a little spin. This “easy” ride had me hanging on for dear life trying to keep up for the first few miles! At the turnaround, Michael decided to hang out with me for a much easier ride back. We chatted – we biked passed the house he grew up in, and he’s racing the 70.3 Championship in Vegas soon! Awesome!

I got back from the ride and was ready to drop off my bike in transition, when Natalie met me with some bad news. Her apartment in Boston had been robbed. Luckily her and her roommates were all safe, and they didn’t go into the basement where Natalie’s room is. She lost her laptop that was sitting in the living room, and she seemed more upset about them taking her Garmin USB stick than the laptop. Priorities. She has them. After a very quick decision that it wasn’t worth the drive back to Boston to deal with the break-in, we walked to the local library. After a little begging, they let her use a computer to change all of her passwords. While she did this, I went for a little run through town.

Old Orchard Beach is a great little town. They seem to cater to all ages with plenty of amusement park rides, games, ice cream shops, typical boardwalk style stores, and of course – bars! The beach is pretty, and since we were in a cove, it was a little warmer in the water, too. I picked up Natalie, dropped off my bike, and we hit the NormaTec tent. She had never tried them, and was impressed! I needed all of the help I could get. The week before was an 11 hour training week – including a 4 hour ride. I was still feeling it.

We hung around town until heading out to explore Portland a bit before my team dinner. It is so pretty there! If it didn’t get so darn cold for so darn long, I’d consider moving there.

Team dinner was at Lost Bear Lodge. It was an absolute blast. How Rev3 manages to pick such an amazing group of diverse people that get along so well is beyond my comprehension. For real. You all rock!

After that, Natalie and I were off to our home-stay that was set-up by Jen, who simply rocks. Our home-stay was just about as cool as Jen!

Next up, race day!


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