Deuces Wild Xterra – a photo gallery

First of all, big thank to for hooking up all of the athletes with free photo downloads. This is something Rev3 offers as well for finisher photos, and it’s just the icing on the cake after a good event.

Setting up Transition. Unvelcroing my Pearl Izumi gloves.

Swim start. I’m the Zen-fully calm one near the middle with the black goggles and white goggle straps – with “reaction” written down my left arm. Woot. Blueseventy rocks.

Swim exit – first female out of the water!


Top of the first long descent…

Oh, you couldn’t see the fear on my face? Here’s a close up!

Getting into the groove

Starting to have fun – wheeee!

Spotting the photographers – I could seriously hear them laughing at me – likely due to the fact that there are about half a dozen shots of my “fear-face” picture above.

And laughing, because I just realized they probably caught that whole progression… There are honestly 20 photos in this series. If you want to laugh more, head over to and search for my bib number.

Approaching the water crossing around mile 4 of the run – spotting my friends and the photographer!

Wishing the water were deep enough to swim across…

…almost there! Like the Quintana Roo tattoo? They had them in our packets, and they raffled off a brand new Quintana Roo bike the night before the race! You had to have the tattoo on to win. Unfortunately, I did not win the bike. But I got a free temporary tattoo!


The announcer seriously loved my kit – Thanks Rev3 and Pearl Izumi!

I did it!


3 responses to “Deuces Wild Xterra – a photo gallery

  1. Those are some awesome race pics! This looks like a lot of fun!

  2. That looks like so much fun!!!!! The Rev3 kit even looks good in the woods! 🙂

  3. I love the fear faces! 🙂 Totally awesome.

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