Peak week? More like peak WEAK!

While Chrissy is crushing her final big workouts before Superfrog, I’m barely hitting half of my training volume and sleeping in one of these bad boys at night:


I thought I just tweaked my leg running at Xterra, but after a few days, it wasn’t getting better. The arch of my foot, the top of my calf, and my knee were all unhappy. Patrick poked my arch where his used to hurt while he battled plantar fasciitis early this year, and I nearly kicked him in the face because it hurt so bad.

So, I rested. Ok, I “rested”. I ran on Tuesday, and realized that running didn’t help. I swam on Wednesday, and realized that it was uncomfortable (though I did end up pulling 1000 meters to compensate). I biked on Thursday – easy – and still felt tight and generally uncomfortable.

Instead of peaking my run mileage this week – I ended up with a few days of light exercise, and a few days off.

This weekend was a drill weekend. The nice thing about it was rather than sit around and feel sorry for myself – I spent Saturday sitting around in training sessions all day.

Sunday was our PT test – and I ran the mile basically pain free. I posted my slowest time to date, but only by about 20 seconds and I wasn’t pushing myself. I was still over three minutes below the standard I need to meet to ship to Basic. After PT, we got to head to the Combatives class! We learned a few holds, a few ways to get out of them, a few arm bars, and a few choke-out moves. After practicing with a partner for a while, we split the room in half and had an all-out melee. It was awesome! I went for a girl that I knew would be a solid match for me, and after a struggle, I tapped out.

The REALLY nice thing about Combatives? LOTS of good, solid exercise – and ZERO time on my feet. I was very thankful for a few hours full of working out. I’m sore today in muscle groups I don’t usually use. My foot got an extra day of rest. I’m happy. Next drill weekend is Land Navigation. Sweet!

While Superfrog isn’t shaping up to be the race I wanted, it’s still going to be fun. The focus has shifted from sub-6 to starting/finishing healthy and mostly un-injured. I’m surprisingly ok with that. I had an absolutely amazing race at Rev3 Maine, and if that’s the best race of my season – so be it.

I’m testing the foot/calf/knee with a run today at Meet Me at Maynard’s. I will not be a hero. I will walk it in if I start to feel pain.

I’m 90% sure that I’m going for a relay at Rev3 Florida. Who wants to run or bike? I want to SWIM!

After that, focus will shift to running and strength training, so I show up for Basic ready to go!

What is your favorite strength training program or approach? Crossfit? Kettlebells? Weightlifting? TRX? A mix?


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