Tucson TriGirls -Tri Camp!

Last week, I decided to head over to Tucson Natural Medicine Center for an acupuncture treatment. TNMC is a Tucson Tri Girls sponsor, and I had won a free appointment. What better way to address my pain than give this a try? Especially because Jeremy Breach, who would be doing the treatment, came to a Tri Girls meeting to talk and he said that acupuncture is the best remedy for plantar fasciitis.

The treatment went really well, and I’ve had very little issues with my plantar fascia and tight calf since then. In fact, they also treated my right IT band – an ongoing issue for me – and it loosened it up to probably the best it has been in nearly two years. Awesome!

With the plantar fascia pain gone – which I suspected was a symptom of the real issue, not the issue itself – things have gotten interesting.

My knee has been swollen EVERY DAY. It’s not really causing me pain, but it has been incredibly stiff in the morning. I didn’t notice it at first because the pain was elsewhere, but now it is hard to miss. It almost feels like it did when I tore my meniscus in my right knee in college.

So, I’m headed back to the acupuncturist this week for a follow up, and I’ll talk to him about the next steps – which will likely be an MRI. Thankfully, I’m off of the cut-rate insurance plan that is impractical to use unless I’m dying, and I’ve got decent insurance through the Army National Guard.

Moving on…

On Saturday, I attended my first ever Tri Camp, put on by the amazing Tucson Tri Girls.

First up, we were in the pool at the University of Arizona Rec Center. We had a great swim practice put together by Kim Kovasala, and swim videotaping by Allan Phillips of Pike Athletics. Want to see me swim in my sweet Rev3 Shimmer Suit? Check it out here! Unfortunately, my knee had its own ideas of how the day should go, and if I cranked up my kick at all, it started to hurt. And flip turns with a deep bend in the knee were quite uncomfortable.

Up next was Running Drills with Tia Accetta. The knee cooperated through all kinds of fun drills. We learned a lot of things that will hopefully help to keep me free from injury once I get past this bump in the road!

Then it was back to the conference room for a bike maintenance seminar – it basically covered how to get yourself home in the event of a flat, a broken spoke, or another minor mechanical problem. It was super awesome, because people who hadn’t changed tubes before got hands-on experience under the supervision Ralph from Fairwheel Bikes.

We took a break for lunch and to watch swim videos. Allen said my stroke was “obviously good”. Haha. That was nice to hear!!

We were off to O2 Modern Fitness for an afternoon of workouts, education and FUN! I listened to Sergio talk about strength conditioning – and it was pretty eye opening. Basically, when people started associating body-building and weight-training with strength conditioning, things got out of hand! He taught us a few basic moves to get us ready to tackle the kind of conditioning that would be beneficial to triathletes.

Mike did an excellent Cycling Intervals class – he actually translated a swim workout to a bike workout. He broke it down into sets of 400’s, where each 100 translated to a minute of hard interval. It was so cool to see a workout translate from one sport to another, and definitely something I’ll have to try!

After that, I opted for a cycling gadgets talk. It was interesting to sort through all of the things you might read about speed/performance gains and hear it from someone who is fairly unbiased.

Finally, I hit up Sergio’s TRX and joint mobility class. We learned some moves that really work the joints, so that your body keeps them nice and lubed up.

It was a most excellent Saturday, topped off with an AMAZING dinner at one of the best places in Tucson!


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