Rev3 Excitement!

Rev3 Florida is now a month away – and I’m recruiting a relay team! The way my training has been lately, I think it’d be best for me to swim, and then spend the day cheering and volunteering! Anyone want to bike or run?

Other big Rev3 news: The 2013 Season Pass offer is only valid until September 30th! Go get it!!

And one more big Rev3 announcement… Team Rev3 Applications are opening SOON!

You should:

1. LOVE Rev3. A lot.

2. Be passionate – about triathlons AND life!

3. Be awesome! Not necessarily in the smoking-the-competition sense, but in the everyone-you-meet-wants-to-race-with-you-even-if-they’re-not-yet-a-triathlete way.

4. Enjoy being bombarded with a zillion e-mail from your teammates – and they can be serious, stilly, uplifting, heartbreaking, alcohol-induced, running-high-induced… and much more.

5. Be socially active – online and in real life! Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Tri Websites, local Tri Clubs, running clubs – EVERYTHING.

6. Live near a Rev3 Venue.

7. Have an excellent sense of humor.

Do you fit the bill? Will you be applying? You too can look THIS GOOD if your Rev3 kit! 🙂

I’m off for a beautiful weekend in San Diego. I’ll be doing the swim leg of Superfrog, then humbly handing in my timing chip. I am not even bringing my bike with me, so I’m not tempted to take it out for 56 miles when I should be resting!

On Monday, I’ve got HUGE plans for a 2 mile run. Look out, world!


One response to “Rev3 Excitement!

  1. I have to admit, I am considering applying for the REV3 team, I hear such good things about the races and Knoxville is not that far from Memphis…

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