Tour de South Florida

So, in 5 short days, I managed to put 800 miles on the rental car and have an amazing time.

I picked up my rental car in Fort Lauderdale as South Florida was under the rain and heavy winds from the outskirts of Hurricane Sandy. It took for-freaking-ever to get through Miami, but the rest of the drive went quickly. I arrived in Key West and parked downtown and started partying. It was good to see old friends and just take in the crazy shenanigans! I spent a grand total of about 34 hours in town, but it was well worth the trip.

I soon found myself en route to Venice, for Rev3 Florida! I would be participating in a relay with two lovely local ladies – and I’d be swimming. Unfortunately, it seemed as if mother nature had other plans. I hung out at the expo, met up with my relay teammates and Rev3 teammates, and prayed that the wind would die down.

It didn’t. Race day was swimless. I was bummed – but even if the water were swimmable, it was NOT safe for boats and rescue crews to be out there – which is kind of essential. The pros started with a 1.5 mile run.

So, instead of a 1.2 mile swim – I ran the length of transition and handed my chip off to my biker.

Then, I plated paparazzi for a while with my teammates:

My Relay Teammates making the handoff!

Crossing the finish line with Tiffany and Rae Ann!

I hung out for the last finisher. It was happy, tearful, and inspiring. Rev3 halts all crew work to bring EVERYONE to the finish line to welcome the final finisher. It’s pretty amazing.

 After the race, I went for a run (seriously) and had a nice sushi dinner in Venice. The following day, it was back to Fort Lauderdale for some wonderful beach time and a little reunion with some of my favorite people on the planet. 

 Tuesday came, and I left FL for AZ once again!


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