Buying thoughtful gifts for athletes:

The newbie runner:

-Race entries. Try to stick within their current fitness level, and make it something that they’ll be able to train for properly. Or, better yet, pick a race you can run together!

Nice socks. When I started running, I thought spending more than about $3 on a pair of socks was silly. As the miles increased, I realized the importance of dry, comfortable, chafe-free feet. Worth every penny!

-Membership to a local running club

The newbie triathlete:

-Entry to a Rev3 Race – they made it super easy –just click here!

-Bike jersey featuring their favorite sports team / university / beer / state / anything they love.

-Yankz, Lock Laces, or other elastic shoelace

-Starter flat kit, multi-tool, spare tubes, or even a gift certificate to a basic bike maintenance clinic at a local bike shop

-Membership to a local triathlon club – I know that my yearly membership with Tucson Tri Girls has paid off big time in the form of events, clinics, raffles, training partners, and camaraderie.

The experienced triathlete:

Entry to a Rev3 Race! Maybe for a tough course like Quassy, a new distance, or a fun long weekend trip!

TriSwim products, including TriSlide! TriSlide is a great lube for those long workouts – and it’s more hygienic than rubbing the same stick of lube in your crotch, between your toes and under your arms. Really. TriSwim helps restore skin and hair after swimming.

Sweatproof/Waterproof headphones, if they like to work out with music – or even a waterproof mp3 player! I use X-1’s Interval for swimming and running. It was nice to stop at showers along the beach and stick my head underneath to cool off without worrying about my iPod.

-Computer-based cycling programs for the bike trainer. I like TurboCrank – which is great for when I want to get engrossed in a movie – and Sufferfest or Spinervals – for when I want to feel more involved in the cycling workout.

USAT, USAC or USMS Membership – depending on what they’re into this season.

The triathlete who’s going long next season:

Nutrition! Find out their favorite by asking what they like to train with, or check out what will be offered on course at their next big event, and go with that.

-Sunscreen – the nice stuff – like Kinesys or Bullfrog

-Trial sized containers of Chamois Butt’r to stash in their saddle bag for those long rides.

The athlete who has everything:

Sporthooks – especially if you’ve never seen their medals proudly on display

Tri Bling – super awesome jewelry that’s subtle enough to not be ridiculous

-Gift cards for gear – TriSports, TheClymb and your local cycling or running stores are great places to start.

-Music or Audiobooks – Amazon, iTunes, Audible subscription, Pandora subscription…

-A weekend training session! It doesn’t have to be anything huge – maybe paid campground fees, mapped bike routes and trail runs, and a load of healthy food for the weekend. Or, plan something where they can ride the course for their big race this year!

…now, what did I miss? What would you add?

-From James: Race photos!


One response to “Buying thoughtful gifts for athletes:

  1. I would add race photos form the race website! You can get a nice photo in a cool frame for someone! I know I would never buy that for myself!

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