Guard Update – I have a job!

After what seems like a lifetime of waiting – which was really only three weeks – I’ve been assigned my branch. I’ll be joining the Army Corps of Engineers.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to those of you that know I AM an engineer. But, to those of you who were aware of my preference list, you might notice that I got choice 4/5.

So, why was Engineering 4th on my list?

Simple. I had a meeting with a great Chief Warrant Officer who helps place Officers in the AZ Guard. He informed me that Engineering doesn’t offer leadership opportunities that are available in some other branches, thus making it potentially harder for promotion. So, I kept it on my list, but ranked it lower.

Am I happy?

While I’m not looking forward to 20 weeks at Fort Leonard Wood – which is about 140 miles southwest of St Louis, MO – that’s about the only part I’m NOT excited about.

I think I’m going to love it. My recent jobs as an engineer have left much to be desired, and I think this will help me to fall back in love with engineering, and get a better idea of what I’d like to be doing on a daily basis.

I won’t be going for quite some time. I will be commissioned at the end of Officer Candidate School, and will report to my unit in Florence, AZ in July. When I arrive there, we’ll be scheduling my BOLC – Basic Officer Leadership Course. Judging by current enrollment, I doubt I’ll be headed there in 2013.

BOLC is also a lot more like a job than like Basic. I won’t live in the Barracks, and I’ll get to go “home” at night and on the weekends – unless training is scheduled. I also get to bring some stuff with me (read: bicycle). Anyway, I will cross that bridge when I get to it. For now, the focus is on showing up at Basic healthy and prepared!


One response to “Guard Update – I have a job!

  1. Congrtatulations (I think)! Hopefully everything will work out for you and you will end up loving it! We will miss you at Rev, but hope to see you back in the second half of the year! Good luck with everything!

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