When I turn Type A…

This only happens a few times a year, if that.

My Type A take-over for the past few years has been the Florida Keys Ragnar Relay. For the first two years my family did it, I lived in Florida. This year, Ive still planned the entire event without being local. Airport pick-ups, rental vans, hotels, airport drop offs, and general logistics are up to me. I dont mind, really, as long as my team doesnt mind getting a 3 page spreadsheet including the budget, approximate run times based on pace, and airline arrivals and departures. I LOVE that when race weekend rolls around, everything is set and ready for execution.

Ive even gone all Type A while packing for certain events, like the time I climbed Kilimanjaro.

Now, I ship to Basic Combat Training and Officer Candidate School in one month. Ive found a variety of packing lists, and gotten conflicting verbal advice about what to bring from nearly every person Ive talked to. For Basic, heres a list from the Army, heres one from the National Guard, and heres yet another from the Army. Theyre all similar, but different. Knowing that the second I step into training, my bag will be dumped on the floor and the contents rooted through, Im a little stressed. Do I bring my running shoes? Do I bring 6 pairs of socks or 1? Shoe polish? I was told by a soldier who just came back from Basic to not worry about anything but the paperwork and a change of clothes and I can (and will be forced to) buy the rest there, including running shoes. A different soldier who also just returned said that his platoon was allowed use the running shoes they brought from home. But, the resounding advice is to pack as little as possible, because youll be issued/forced to purchase so much stuff.

Right after Basic, I head to OCS, which has a pretty extreme packing list. Lucky for me, my boyfriend will be coming to my BCT graduation and will be able to bring things Im leaving at home, like my cell phone and my laptop and a few other items like 3 pairs of non-uniform dress pants and shirts. But, as for the rest of the list, what will I be issued at BCT? Will that cover my OCS packing list? Will it be too much?

My packing list of BCT and the list of things Ill pack and leave for Patrick to bring between BCT and OCS are works in progress. I will post here what I end up bringing.

As far as phones go, Ive suspended my smartphone account with AT&T for the duration of BCT. No sense in paying for data while Im away. I ordered a phone from PlatunimTel, which will be loaded with $30 in credits. At $0.05/minute for talk, and $0.02 for text, it should be more than enough for the small amount that Ill see my phone in those 10 weeks. Plus, the total cost (phone + sim + minutes) is less than the cost of a month of my AT&T plan. Well worth it. If/when I get to use it, Im hoping that the no smartphone/no camera/no touchscreen/no data allow my battery to last quite a bit longer as well.

My focus right now: Paperwork. I want to make sure I personally have 5 copies of all required documents. The last thing I want is to show up prepared to go, and find out that they are missing a copy of my High School Diploma


One response to “When I turn Type A…

  1. Best of luck in Basic & OCS! Thank you for your service & looking forward to seeing you at the later-season races 🙂

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