Ragnar Relay – Pre Race

I woke Wednesday morning to a text from my mother…

“Dad and I are both sick now. Best case, we fly down and don’t run. Unless we have a miraculous recovery I think we need to consider alternative plans.”

Well, crap. That’s not exactly good news.

So, I contacted my team. I told them that we might be down two runners. Within an hour, 8 of the 10 remaining teammates responded and offered to pick up some extra mileage! Plus, my brother, who is volunteering instead of running, said he’d take one or two short legs.

Nothing is better than having people that love running on my team!

By Thursday, both parents were on a plane and headed to Florida.

Our pre-run travels saw a lost wallet (found with no missing contents), lost ID (recovered), running clothes left on the plane (delivered to baggage office), missing reflective vests, and most of the team rocking some sort of illness. Later, we’d lose (and find) a cell phone and van keys (but those would not be found until I climbed in a dumpster)… and we’d lose some sanity and a little dignity that would never be recovered. But, one can live without them.

Van 1 BARELY made it to the race start on time. Van 2 went to pick up a van, but Enterprise screwed us over – apparently having a reservation doesn’t guarantee a vehicle. Avis rescued us, and Van 2 made it just in time to meet us at Exchange 6.

It’s a freaking miracle that all of that resulted in a near-flawless execution of a 197 mile relay race…


2 responses to “Ragnar Relay – Pre Race

  1. Wow! That sounds like quite the adventure! Glad it all worked out!! and a little dumpster diving is good for the soul…. well, at least it makes for a good story!

  2. Awesome! This is something I want to run one day!

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